February 25, 2015
Anti-Semitism In New York: Jewish Cab Passenger Threatened By Driver 'All Jews Must Die!'

According to the latest reports, anti-Semism is very much alive on the streets of New York, as was proved on Monday when a Jewish cab passenger was threatened by her driver, being told "all Jews must die," among some other choice words.

The victim of the racial abuse, 5 Towns Jewish Times newspaper columnist Baila Sebrow, claims she was verbally assaulted by the New York cab driver after he picked her up from the Carlton Hotel where she was staying, immediately asking her if she was Jewish. A curious question to ask a passenger.

CBS New York reported yesterday that Sebrow has instructed her lawyers to sue the cab company, as she told reporters about the disturbing incident, "The guy starts driving, he asks me if I'm Jewish. I said yes. His response was, 'All Jews must die.' Then he started driving really fast, in a scary way. I was afraid he would crash."

At this point, Sebrow claims she insisted he return her to her hotel, and the driver complied with her request but then asked her to pay full fare, having left his meter running for the duration of the journey and the argument that ensued.

Sebrow's lawsuit claims that as well as shouting racist obscenities, the driver also made gun gestures towards the passenger with his fingers.

Having called 911, Sebrow was totally shocked when the police arrived and told her to pay the cab driver for the ride, telling her, "You have to pay him. You'll have to take up the rest with the TLC," (The city Taxi & Limousine Commission.)

While Sebrow told reporters about the driver that, "He should definitely not be on the road," her attorney, Robert Tolchin, said, "If people are going to bring whatever political or religious biases into that job they shouldn't be driving taxis."

The driver, who is identified only as MD N. Mia, also called the cops and the matter will now be settled in court.