East Haven Mayor’s Office Receives 500 Tacos After Insensitive Comment Was Made

Two days ago East Haven, Connecticut Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. told residents in his city that they should eat more taco’s to support East Haven Latinos and on Thursday his message was tested when a group of Latino activists sent 500 taco’s to the mayors office.

The activist group called Junta for Progressive Action started a text-for-tacos campaign which drew attention to the comment and eventually led to an apology from Maturo.

The exact comment made by Maturo came during a Tuesday meaning when a reported pointed out that the cities police force has no Latino officers to which Maturo responded:

“And your point being?”

At which point the reporter asked the mayor what he would due in light of allegations that officers in the area were discriminating against Latino residents. Maturo’s response was simply, “I might have tacos when I go home, I’m not quite sure yet.”

The text-for-tacos campaign ended up receiving more than 2,600 texts while the groups spokesman Henry Fernandez said:

“The mayor has shown a total lack of respect for the constituents he has been sworn to serve to the best of his ability.”

After 500 tacos appears in his office the mayor started having the rest rerouted to local food pantries.

In a statement released from his office Maturo said:

“The town of East Haven has received an abundance of tacos as a result of the campaign initiated by the group ‘Reform Immigration for America. Recognizing that there are many in need in our state, we have arranged for all of the tacos to be donated to local soup kitchens and pantries, including the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen in New Haven.”

Do you think the Mayor has learned his lesson or should the city begin hiring more Latino officers to help reach out against discriminatory practices in the area?