Texas Toddlers Drown In Tub: 3-Year-Old Boy Removed From Home As Investigation Continues

A pair of Texas toddlers drowned in a tub in the town of Pearland while the mother, uncle, and 3-year-old brother were inside the house. Police say the 3-year-old has been removed from the home as the investigation continues.

The incident of two 15-month-old girls happened on February 17. Twins sisters, Savannah and Sabrina Russo, were discovered unresponsive in a bathtub. They were airlifted to Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital. FOX 26 News reported that Savannah died that day, but Sabrina was taken off life support on February 22.

According to KHOU, family friend, Judy Poston, says the mother was able to administer CPR on Sabrina until paramedics arrived.

Authorities are trying to determine if the toddlers drowned as result of foul play or by accident. Investigators are still trying to learn how the toddlers remained underwater long enough to drown. The only adults home at the time of the girls’ drowning were their mother — Barbara Russo — and their uncle. Pearlman police say the mother was who called 911 about an apparent drowning.

Child Protective Services revealed that they’ve been involved with the 3-year-old boy and this family before. No solid details were provided on this, however. CPS spokeswoman, Gwen Franks Carter, told KHOU in a separate report that the child was removed from the home to make sure he was safe. Caseworkers filed for emergency custody and the twins’ brother is now with family friends.

On Monday, the Pearland Police Department released a statement about the Texas toddler drowning deaths when the second twin died.

“The second twin from the February 17, 2015 incident in the 1400 block of Crystal Lake Circle East has died. The 15-month-old infant was taken off of life-support devices at approximately 11:00 pm on Sunday, February 22, 2015 and was declared deceased shortly thereafter.

“As with the first child from this incident, the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct an autopsy.

“In conjunction with Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office, the Pearland Police Department continues to investigate the incident.”

Poston says the parents are devastated and that Barbara Russo “made a mistake.”

“She’s a good mother, she made a mistake but we all make mistakes, this one had a tragic ending,” Poston says.

12 News reports that Brazoria County, Pearland police, and the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office are involved in the investigation.

The parents of the twins who drowned in the tub were split for a while then got back together, according to reports.

[Photo Credit: KHOU News]