February 25, 2015
Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Rinna Claims Brandi Glanville Is The 'Queen Of Deflection'

Beverly Hills housewife Lisa Rinna took to her Bravo blog on Monday night, where she named Brandi Glanville the "Queen Of Deflection."

During the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville spoke with Kim Richards about a conversation she and Rinna had last week. However, she conveniently left out her own concerns.

In response to Glanville and Richards' chat, Rinna said her Beverly Hills co-star may not be the best friend she claims to be when it comes to Richards. In fact, in her February 24 blog, Rinna told fans Glanville was downright "irresponsible."

"I would have liked to see Brandi be honest with Kim about her concerns she shared with me that day, but from what I can tell, Brandi seems scared of Kim and basically just tossed the whole messy situation on me. If anything, I would say we're actually witnessing Brandi talk behind Kim's back, since she didn't share any of her parts of the conversation. Very irresponsible and definitely not what I would call a good friend."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rinna's other Beverly Hills co-star, Eileen Davidson, spoke of Glanville's neglect to fill Richards in on the full conversation as well.

In her Beverly Hills blog, Davidson wrote the following.

"Brandi had a frank talk with Kim about Lisa R.'s concern for her. Except, it was hardly 'frank,' considering she left out the part about her also being very concerned about Kim's well-being."
Rinna went on to claim Glanville was the "Queen of Deflection," and chose to put the spotlight on Richards' behavior instead of her own, when she and Rinna met for lunch during last week's episode.

Speaking of their chat in Beverly Hills, Rinna said her intention was to find out why Glanville had been so "aggressive" and "hurtful," but rather than address the issue at hand, Glanville steered the conversation towards Richards' behavior, as well as her concerns for her friend's life.

At one point, Glanville told the Beverly Hills star she feared for Richards' life, and claimed that was what was holding her from pulling Richards aside and discussing her possible addiction struggles. Still, when she had the chance to talk to Richards, she chose to keep her concerns to herself while seemingly throwing Rinna under the bus.

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