'Bobo' The Poodle Update: Family Pet Mauled By Pit Bull Saving Child's Life Goes Home

Aric Mitchell

Bobo the poodle's name will go down in the seemingly endless annals of dogs that proved to be heroes in the most dire of circumstances.

The Inquisitr has brought you no shortage of pets willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. Recently shared was the bittersweet tale of a police dog that received one final salute from his fellow officers after 280 calls and 152 arrests.

But Bobo is an even more amazing case, as you're about to find out.

Bobo the poodle was brought home by the Gongora family of Houston, Texas, a little more than four years ago, according to ABC13. And on Valentine's Day, he made the ultimate sacrifice.

That's when 11-year-old Nissa Gongora stepped out of the family car and into a nightmare. There waiting for her was a stray pit bull, poised to attack.

Nissa called out for her mother's help, but before her cries could be heard, an unlikely savior rushed to her aid. Bobo. All nine pounds of him.

The poodle not only stood between Nissa and the pit bull, he went on the attack as the pit bull charged forward.

The Gongoras said their pet gave a good account of himself -- much better than a nine-pound dog against a heavily muscled and aggressive pit bull should be able to give -- but ultimately, the larger dog's bite proved to be too much for him.

In a few horrifying moments, Nissa talked of how the animal would go away "and then come back to chew on Bobo some more."

Adriana, Nissa's mom, was eventually able to fight the dog off with a chair. The dog was later captured, but it was too late for Bobo the poodle.

His family rushed him to the vet, expecting the worst but unwilling to let their hero go without a fight. The Gongoras reportedly emptied out their entire savings account, including Nissa's college fund, the news site noted.

"He was willing to give up his life," Nissa's mom explained. "We had to do the same for him. We had to find a way for him."

Bobo entered surgery and on Tuesday, ABC13 did a follow-up with the Gongoras, confirming that Bobo did, in fact, get to go home.

While his injuries are still clearly visible, Nissa, her mother, and the rest of the family, couldn't be happier about the income.

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