More Free Stuff: Free Tacos at Jack in the Box, Free Dr. Pepper, and Free Quizno’s Subs

What a day: In addition to the free pancakes at IHOP as part of National Pancake Day, you can also find free tacos at Jack in the Box, free Dr. Pepper, and free subs from Quizno’s this Fat Tuesday.

Jack in the Box: Free Tacos

All right, one thing at a time. First, the free tacos from Jack in the Box: Just click here and print out the coupon, then head into any Jack in the Box restaurant before the end of today (February 24), and two free tacos are yours. Easy enough?

Free Dr. Pepper

If you missed your free Dr. Pepper back when Chinese Democracy came out–and you wouldn’t be the only one–now’s your chance to collect. Click over to this site and fill out its simple form to get a coupon sent in the mail. You can even pick between a 20-ounce bottle and a 2-liter bottle. Gee, tough call.

Free Quizno’s Subs

Finally, stop by the Quizno’s site and fill out the quick form there to snag a free sub.

Feeling full yet?