Sex Box: Couples Have Sex In A Box In Front Of Audience On Television Show To Fix Relationship Woes [Video]

A new television series debuting on WEtv this Friday features couples having sex inside of a box in front of an audience. The show, aptly named Sex Box, will show couples entering a a box on stage to have sex, they will have sex inside the box, and then emerge to discuss the act with a panel of “relationship experts.”

In the trailer for Sex Box, you get a glimpse of the types of questions the panel will be asking the couple following their sexual encounter. The show was originally featured in the U.K. and has been adapted for viewing in the U.S. WEtv claims that the series will be a form of “extreme relationship therapy” that takes advantage of the release of oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” to engage couples in an open and honest conversation about their relationship. The idea behind the show hinges on research that says people are more honest and trusting following sex.

The New York Post reports that the panel on Sex Box will feature “a psychotherapist, a sex therapist, and a pastor/couples counselor.” It is important to note that there are no video devices or audio recordings taking place inside of the box. Instead, the audience will watch as the couple enters the box and exits the box post-sex in the signature Sex Box robes. The audience will not actually witness the sexual encounter in any way, as the box is sound proof and opaque. However, sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue, one of the show’s three experts, says that it as close as you can get to that intimate encounter.

“We can’t [usually] be there when [sex] is happening, but with the box, you can. You’re there when they’re anxious right before and can really map it out, and you’re sitting there when they come out — they’re feeling close, they’re feeling bonded — or the opposite.”

What do you think about a television show that features such an intimate moment in a couple’s life? Does Sex Box go too far, or is it okay since the actual sexual act is not videotaped?