WWE Opinion: Brock Lesnar Walking Out On WWE ‘Raw’ Over Contract Dispute Harming ‘WrestleMania 31’?

Unfortunately for Brock Lesnar, CM Punk made walking out look cool. Well, that’s subjective, but you get the joke. Brock Lesnar did something that hasn’t been done since Punk’s unfortunate departure from the WWE in early-January of 2014. According to PWInsider.com, Brock Lesnar walked out on WWE Raw last night after a meeting with Vince McMahon went awry.

Regarding the mystery of the situation, WWE officials are trying to keep it as quiet as possible. There’s more to the story, which might never come to the light. Mike Johnson of PW Insider said, “until whatever it is is settled,” in regards to finding out more on what happened last night in Nashville, Tennessee.

This entire saga began earlier this afternoon, when speculation started to rise about Lesnar’s absence from WWE Raw last night. He was supposed to appear, but only Paul Heyman appeared on camera. The Inquisitr reported issues were getting in the way of McMahon and Lesnar’s relationship. Just minutes after the initial report came out, the WWE Universe exploded in disarray.

Paul heyman and Roma reigns

Why on earth would Brock Lesnar do this? I mean; he is the WWE World Heavyweight champion, the man who represents the WWE 24/7 when holding the belt. If we want to be technical, he is the face of the WWE. It’s fairly obvious that Lesnar isn’t getting the right kind of contract he wants.

WWE, and this is all a projection, wants Lesnar to sign a long-term contract. It’s probably around three years. Lesnar, who I’m assuming isn’t the guy for long-term commitment, wants a one-or-two year deal. So, something was probably said that didn’t gain Lesnar’s interest. Then, the WWE World Heavyweight champion got on his private jet and flew off to the hill country.

When CM Punk walked, he was gone for good. Lesnar is the WWE champion, so we all know he’s going to be back. He’s scheduled for the 3/09 RAW in Pittsburgh. Luckily, McMahon and Triple H have a few weeks to iron out whatever details need ironing out.


Some people think Brock Lesnar will stay in the WWE. Others, including myself, think he will book it out of the WWE when he has the chance. Now that Vince McMahon angered Lesnar, why would he continue to negotiate? Brock Lesnar isn’t like any other WWE superstar. Actually, he and Punk are very similar. They are outstanding businessmen.

Lesnar won’t settle for less money, when he has Bellator or the UFC at his doorstep. The main problem is for WWE to handle. They are letting their champion walk away and not appear on RAW. If Lesnar would’ve appeared last night, the great crowd in Nashville would’ve exploded. Instead, he was in a plane, not in a ring.

In this negotiation, there will be a clear winner and loser. Vince McMahon doesn’t usually lose in the business world, aside from that big loss on Wall Street last year; consider that an anomaly. Brock Lesnar doesn’t lose — period. He, like others in the past, will hold out WWE for more money (See: CM Punk).

WWE’s World Heavyweight champion, and top-tier superstar, walked off the flagship program last night. Either fix it, or kiss Brock Lesnar goodbye. WWE superstars come and go when they work part-time. If this doesn’t get resolved, say bon voyage to Brock Lesnar, and maybe for a long time.

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