‘The Voice’ Recap: Did Adam Levine Get His ‘Juice’ Back?

Poor Adam Levine.

The eighth season of The Voice got off to a rocky start for the long-time veteran.

Levine was the only Voice coach to go into the second day of auditions without a single singer on his team.

No matter how hard Adam tried, he failed to snag the interest of any of the hopefuls that tried out for The Voice.

It was so bad that fellow coach Pharrell Williams wondered aloud what happened to Adam’s “juice.” Adam Levine didn’t really have an answer. Even he was perplexed at his inability to snag even one promising young singer.

The trend continued into the second episode, as Adam missed out on the hotly contested Voice hopeful Anthony Riley.

What probably worked against Adam Levine was the fact that he seemed to come across as more focused on winning out on a contestant over his fellow coaches.

Adam’s long-time rival, Voice judge Blake Shelton, was certainly not much help. The country star seemed to revel in his slump, at one point getting the Voice audience involved.

He instructed everyone to chant for him if it were between himself and Adam. Unfortunately for Levine, Shelton’s tactic seemed to pay off at one point.

The losing streak FINALLY ended for Levine when he was able to snag Tonya Boyd Cannon, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Her family lost everything. “I don’t have none of my baby’s birth pictures,” she wept.

But her tragedy led her to put everything into her music career, and she hopes trying out for The Voice will boast her aspirations.

“This is my dream… to show my kids to never give up on their dreams.”

Tonya performed “Happy” by Voice coach Pharrell Williams, a bold decision. Although Pharrell seemed the obvious choice, Adam Levine was able to make a strong case. Although he wasn’t the most obvious choice, he’s a very passionate coach.

What’s interesting is that Adam was able to get the Voice contestant after he seemed to acknowledge his disadvantage. Although, it also appeared as if he’d given up a little.

As far as team formation goes on The Voice, Adam Levine is trailing thanks to the decision of a number of singers to go with the other three coaches.

Although this may hurt Levine’s ego quite a bit, he might actually be enjoying an advantage of sorts.

Each team has space for a limited number of contestants. As blind auditions wrap up on The Voice, Adam could be the coach able to snag a potential season-winner who auditions later on.

Did you enjoy Adam Levine’s dry spell on The Voice?

[Image Credit: NBC’s The Voice]