'The Voice' Recap: Adam Makes A Comeback, But Pharrell Takes The Lead (Video)

Last night on the Season 8 premiere of The Voice, Adam Levine was shut out and went home empty-handed, but tonight he started his comeback, adding three team members. Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams continued his winning streak, pulling out to a slight lead in his bid to recruit the most unique artists, but Team Blake is hot on his heels.

Not only did Pharrell add two new team members, but he landed the quickest four-chair-turn in the history of The Voice. Philadelphia native Anthony Riley opened the second night of blind auditions with his rendition of James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)," and not only did he knock it out of the park with his singing, but Riley's got the moves down, too.

Monday night on The Voice, Sawyer Fredericks turned three chairs in 10 seconds, but Riley turned all four judges chairs in seven seconds. That's single digits, people, in a season where fans are already wondering what on earth is making the judges wait so long to hit the button for some of these auditions.

Pharrell added him to his team and it looked like Adam Levine was in for another rough night, till he finally landed his first team member in Tonya Boyd-Cannon. Ironically, she sang Pharrell's "Happy," but Adam won her over to break his losing streak and save a little face with his fellow Voice coaches.

Adam also scored a major team addition in the final performance of the night. Deanna Johnson had auditioned before for The Voice, but failed to land a coach. But this time was another story, and she proved that the coaches' advice to contestants to come back and try again is right on target. Deanna went from no chairs turned on The Voice to landing all four coaches with her unique voice. Everyone expected the rodeo singer to go with Blake Shelton, but she shocked them all by choosing Adam.

With all the taunting Shelton has been dishing out to Levine already on The Voice, you know Adam rubbed that one in Blake's face. The two bickered all night in their typical fashion, prompting contestant Brooke Adee to comment on their rivalry.

"You two remind me of Tom and Jerry."
Another unique voice of the night was Mia Z., who turned in a sultry version of "The Thrill is Gone" far more mature than her 15 years. Mia had three coaches to choose from, as Aguilera was the lone holdout. But Mia chose Pharrell, despite Blake's plea that the blues and country were "first cousins."

Perhaps the oddest pairing of the night came with Gabriel Wolfchild's audition. Coming from real hippie parents -- he chose his own name -- everyone was shocked when he chose Christina Aguilera for his coach. Not sure that was a sound decision, as Aguilera is known for her love of her power singers.

Inspired by Wolfchild's naming process, Aguilera decided to bestow descriptive names on her fellow Voice coaches.

"Blake would have to be Inbred Moonshine; Pharrell would be Happy Grayhat; and Adam, definitely Little Manchild."
The standings after Tuesday night's episode of The Voice, with tonight's additions in bold:
  • Team Blake: Sarah Potenza, Cody Wickline, Joshua Davis, Brooke Adee
  • Team Xtina: Rob Taylor, Treeva Gibson, Gabriel Wolfchild, Joe Tolo
  • Team Pharrell: Lowell Oakley, Sawyer Fredericks, Meghan Linsey, Anthony Riley, Mia Z
  • Team Adam: Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Blaze Johnson, Deanna Johnson
Blind auditions for The Voice continue next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

[Photo by Trae Patton/NBC]