Julie Andrews Celebrates ‘Sound Of Music’ With Lady Gaga: ‘We Bonded And Now I Have A New Friend’ [Video]

The social media hills are alive with the sound of Julie Andrews praising Lady Gaga. It may seem like the most unlikely pairing, since Lady Gaga teamed up with Tony Bennett, but Gaga dared to defy how others viewed her by singing Andrews’ famed “Sound of Music” at the Academy Awards, and now Julie is responding with effusive compliments, reported People.

Not only did she compliment Gaga on her Oscars performance, but Andrews confessed that she’s been a fan for a long time. She also expressed appreciation for the Academy Award’s decision to pay tribute to the movie that made her famous, The Sound of Music.

“I was deeply honored by the Academy’s lovely tribute to The Sound of Music, and especially touched by Lady Gaga’s wonderful performance.

I have always been a fan, but last night we bonded and now I have a new friend.”

It’s been fifty years since Julie Andrews spun around on that mountaintop and caused viewers to sigh as she and Christopher Plummer fell in love. But a new book reveals that Julie almost wasn’t chosen for the starring role in Sound Of Music, reported Inside Edition.

“People were uncertain whether Julie Andrews would actually translate onto film because Mary Poppins hadn’t been released yet. For the role of Maria, they considered Grace Kelly and Doris Day,” said Tom Santopietro, who penned The Sound of Music Story.

And the chemistry between Plummer and Andrews almost didn’t happen, as well. Sean Connery also was vying for the chance to portray Captain Von Trapp.

Even though Christopher took the rule, he was uncomfortable in the sweet film.

“Christopher Plummer was a reluctant and cranky presence on the set. He was afraid he was going to ruin his reputation as a serious Shakespearean actor,” added Tom.

But it wasn’t just the original movie version of Sound Of Music that had some casting issues. As the Inquisitr reported, NBC’s broadcast of Sound Of Music Live resulted in great ratings but Twitter rants when the producers chose Carrie Underwood to take on Julie Andrew’s role.

With True Blood actor Stephen Moyer taking over the role of Capt. Georg von Trapp in place of Christopher Plummer, the contrast was notable.

And even celebrities couldn’t resist taking potshots at the TV version of Sound of Music. Anna Kendrick live-tweeted her viewing.

“Maria is really the Brad Pitt of this relationship #SoooManyChildren #SoundofMusic”

“I’m glad Carrie wore her sensible pumps for the hike to Switzerland. #Phew #SoundofMusic #WeOut”

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