‘Just Cause 3’ Designed To Feel Like A Fun B-Budget Action Movie, Says Director

Avalanche Studios’ popular open-world franchise has always featured silly over-the-top action that is intended to be silly, and the developer doesn’t plan on changing that formula for Just Cause 3. Speaking recently to Game Reactor, game director Roland Lesterlin discussed how Avalanche is paying careful attention to keep Just Cause 3 focused on fun gameplay while trying to keep from taking itself too seriously.

Lesterlin revealed that they decided to not try to create an in-depth narrative for Just Cause 3 because the team felt that it would be out of character for series. After all, in Just Cause 3, players will be using a grappling hook to help them glide through the air while likely blowing up everything near them. That level of ridiculous action simply wouldn’t mesh well coupled with a more realistic plot. As such, the game’s director says that Just Cause 3 will have a story that will match the same silliness found in the title’s gameplay.

“I think it’s lighthearted. So from the very beginning we’re always sitting there and checking out the world and saying ‘well, if I’m playing with physics and I’ve tethered someone up to a wall and then a car next to it and the whole thing explodes,’ well it’s just silly. And then if you had a serious story next to it, it just wouldn’t really fit together, so our story has the same sort of humour in it. It allows us to be a little campy and fun.”

Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

While playing Just Cause 3, gamers will be able to experience the kind of high-octane action that fans of the series have come to expect. Likewise, the game’s story will have a similar flair of exaggerated camp.

“I think the very fact that the game is so much fun to make hopefully comes through in the game, and even when working with the actors on set and showing them videos of how the game worked and telling them: “ok, in this scene, this is what’s going on”, and you can see in their eyes that this seems very silly. And then of course you get great humour, and we’ve got some amazing actors who are able to keep that tone, and it’s a little bit of the B action movie feel. We wanted to keep the campiness, the wild characters, and the crazy scenarios [sic]”

However, it seems that the developer does intend for Just Cause 3 to have a more involved story than what was found in Just Cause 2. Earlier this month, Avalanche Studios CCO Christofer Sundber told IGN that the next installment of the franchise will have more of a focus on its narrative than what fans saw with the series’ previous entries.

Just Cause 3 will also feature a 400 square mile world that will be filled with activities, as recently reported by the Inquisitr. The design of the content and objectives of Just Cause 3 has been heavily influenced by fan feedback.

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