Colorado Homeless Man Pushes Cars For Drivers Stuck In Blistering Snowstorm, Good Deed Goes Viral [Video]

One man’s sacrifice has made its way to social media. The selfless act was probably a gesture he didn’t think twice about, but many people who witnessed it find it quite commendable. Someone even felt compelled to film the act of kindness and share it with the world. Now, it’s gone viral on a number of social media networks.

According to KSN-TV, Shelby Hudgens is making headlines for helping those in need during a snowstorm. Although he’s living out of his car and would have probably spent the night battling the blistering snowstorm outdoors, he took the time to help others get home safely. On Sunday, February 22, the Colorado Springs homeless man pitched in to help drivers stuck in snow because of the storm.

He worked vigorously for hours, pushing cars and trucks uphill so drivers wouldn’t have to spend the night stuck in the blistering cold. Hudgens spoke briefly with a local news station about the weather and traffic problems drivers faced that day. There were reportedly so many stuck vehicles, he doesn’t even remember how many he actually pushed.

“I’ve been out here pushing cars for about the last three hours, they’ve been stuck going up this hill right down at the very bottom they get stuck… I finally said I’m already out here I might as well start pushing cars and people started saying oh here thanks.”

The jaw-dropping act of kindness has touched the hearts of many. One person who witnessed the act even filmed it. Now, that the video has gone viral, many viewers and local citizens have banned together to help Hudgens, reports KOAA.

[Image via KSN]