New Dior Ads Bring Out Jennifer Lawrence’s Classic Beauty [Video]

Truthfully, many of us were disappointed at the absence of Jennifer Lawrence at this year’s Oscars and, while she may have skipped out on one of the year’s biggest events, that doesn’t mean Jennifer’s been just as hidden from the spotlight elsewhere. It seems Ms. Lawrence has been busy adding another vocation to her growing list of talents: supermodel.

People StyleWatch reports that Dior, the French retail company specializing in luxury goods, has initiated a new ad campaign featuring Jennifer Lawrence. The campaign highlights Ms. Lawrence’s classic beauty with a campaign slogan that encourages their target audience to “Be Dior.”

Jennifer looks slim and toned in the high-fashion outfits, with the natural smoothness of her skin glowing, even under the harshness of such bright lighting. It’s difficult to look at these new Dior ads and see the tomboy who mixed and matched outfits thrown together from her brothers’ closets and the yard sales her mother frequented.

Perhaps it was her modest childhood that made Ms. Lawrence feel initially hesitant by the idea of modeling, but, whatever the reason, Jennifer soon found herself drawn to the possibility of modeling.

“At the beginning I told everyone, ‘I’m an actress. I’m not a model. I don’t want to do it.’ It is only recently that I discovered the beauty of haute couture. The first Dior collection I attended by Raf Simons blew me away.”

According to E! Online, the Dior ad campaign is intended to promote their new line of handbags, which are definitely worthy of attention, but the retail chain’s slimming dresses loosely hugging Ms. Lawrence’s form are the real show-stealers. Black pumps finish off the look, whether Ms. Lawrence is sporting an evening gown or a business casual outfit.

So, what does Ms. Lawrence keep in those classy handbags?

“Wallet, phone, keys — if I can remember them — ChapStick and a little perfume.”

If the photographs aren’t enough to give fans their fill of Jennifer Lawrence, Dior also released a behind-the-scenes look at Ms. Lawrence’s photoshoot, narrated by the Hunger Games actress herself.

For those enjoying this latest Dior campaign, E! Online also reported that Ms. Lawrence has signed a contract, extending her commitment to Dior for three more years.

Recently, Jennifer posed without the classy outfits, but still managed to look stylish, wearing only an overly friendly boa constrictor. The shot was part of a special Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair.