Greenpoint Technologies Transforms Boeing Aircraft Into The ‘Superyacht Of The Skies!’

For most hard-working Americans, making enough to cover the means of oneself along with any under their care while having a surplus is usually more than enough to satisfy. Yet, we all dream at times of living a rich life, especially when it comes to luxury vehicles. The Inquisitr previously reported on some of the most glamorous of luxury vehicles, especially a true super-expensive yacht that is best described as the “Batmobile of the High Seas.”

Now, another phenomenal luxury vehicle has made its presence. From what multiple reports state, Greenpoint Technologies has transformed some Boeing 747-8s into the “Superyacht of the Skies.”

According to Yahoo, an unidentified private owner just received a Boeing 747-8 with a ridiculously-priced refurbished interior from the Washington-based company, Greenpoint Technologies. Apparently, this is the very first Boeing 747-8 to receive the company’s VIP treatment.

Unfortunately for all who are curious to see what the plane’s tricked-out interior looks like, there are no recent pictures. The closest we can get to seeing the real thing is through promotional pictures (which were compiled into a promotional video) provided by Greenpoint Technologies, over a year ago. Said video is attached below for viewing.

Just from the video attached above, it is no wonder that luxury-admirers are swooning. So what exactly does the “Superyacht of the Skies” offer? Daily Mail thankfully gives us details through their follow-up. Greenpoint Technologies spared no expense customizing the interior with a large seating area, spacious master bedroom, VIP lounge, and even a conference room. All in all, the price tag comes up to £400 million.

Superyacht of the Skies Floorplan
The floor plan of the "Superyacht of the Skies" shows a luxurious household, with extra features, compacted into a Boeing 747-8.

Now that you’ve seen what the interior of the “Superyacht of the Skies” looks like through their promotional pictures and videos, what are your views? Are you jealous that someone was able to pay up to £400 million to own this beautiful piece of sky real estate?

[Images via Greenpoint Technologies]