Japenese Yuzu Tama Eggs Smell Like Citrus Fruit: Enjoy With Some Garlic Flavored Cola

We in the West know that when it comes to all things weird and wonderful, one need look no further than Japan, a small country that comes up with a lot of very interesting innovations.

Having already invented garlic flavored cola and water cake, the Japanese have now invented something even more astonishing, thanks to some very smart Japanese farmers.

Named “Yuzu Tama” eggs, the little brown chicken babies have a strong and distinct smell of fruit — citrus fruit.

The producers of these unique eggs are Kochi Prefecture, located in the southwest corner of Shikoku island, and the special eggs reportedly taste and smell like yuzu, one of Japan’s most loved citrus fruits.

A yuzu is a wrinkly cross between a lemon and an orange, and tastes like a combination of grapefruit and mandarin, according to most people. It grows mainly in Kochi and is used widely in Japanese cooking.

Interestingly, the special eggs don’t actually contain any chemical additives or flavorings, as they are produced simply by feeding chickens huge amounts of yuzu peel as well as kale, another Japanese favorite.

RocketNews24 reported on the yuzu tama eggs, explaining in more detail what they are like. “Cracking one of the eggs open releases more of the yuzu aroma, enough that you might be wondering if there are any added scents or perfumes,” adding that the “yolk has a mellow flavor, and the white has a great texture, not too soft and not too firm. And when you chew, there’s this invigorating wave of yuzu aroma coupled with a refreshing citrus taste that spreads through your mouth. The yuzu flavor isn’t as powerful as the scent, and if anything, it helps to draw out more of the egg’s inherent rich sweetness.”

While they’re not cheap, they’re also not terribly overpriced, with the yuzu tama eggs selling for roughly 400 to 500 yen, $3-4 US for a six-pack, making them an affordable option for people who want to mix the taste of eggs with citrus fruit.

To each their own.