Massachusetts Man Makes Money By Selling Snow To People From Warmer Regions

As north-eastern United States continues to reel under record-breaking snowstorms that show no signs of waning, a man from Massachusetts has hit upon a brilliant plan to make some extra cash. According to, the man, Kyle Waring, has set up a business that actually ships people real snow. The packages with snow inside it are sent to “less fortunate” people in the south who have not had the chance to experience the cold wave, reports ABC News. With over 70-inches of snow dumped on to Boston in the past fortnight alone, one thing the city has in abundance is snow. It’s everywhere — from the front yard and the top of your car to your office.

Waring hit upon the idea to ship real snow to people after he joked about sending all the excess snow to his friends and relatives in the midst of a conversation with his wife. The couple were cleaning their snow filled yard when the idea struck him. Within no time, Kyle set up his business and named it ShipSnowYo — which now has a website, Facebook page, and a Twitter handle of its own!

On the website, Kyle advertises his product as a piece of history. A text on the website reads:

“This is your chance to not only own a piece of history, but also help save Boston from #Snowmageddon2015! Every order counts!”

From the time Kyle set up his website, he has had over 112 orders. In fact, the website has some interesting numbers on the amount of snow he has shipped. It reads:

“6946 Acres of Snow, 6984 Snowflakes in 1 Bottle, 112 Snow Orders, 782208 Snowflakes Shipped”

In case you are interested, let us warn you that while snow may be in abundance in the North East, it is still an expensive commodity. It will cost you $89 complete with shipping and delivery. ShipSnowYo will send all packets via two-day USPS Priority mail to any address in the United States. Included in the package is a picture of the snow when it was packed. This is because, by the time it reaches the buyer, most of it might have already melted. To prevent that from happening and to lessen the effect of warmer temperature, Kyle has a plan. He tells the Boston the following.

“I put the snow in a plastic bag, and put that in tinfoil. Then I put that package in an insulated container that’s an inch and a half thick, and ship it overnight. It’s sealed tight in Omaha steaks packaging.”

According to Waring, with his new packaging method, even if some snow melts, there would be enough snow left to make at least 10-15 snowballs.

And if the $89 package was not enough, Kyle has also decided to “launch” a 10-pound package that will cost you $119. As expected, all orders do not come with a refund policy.

With no signs of the snowy weather abating, Kyle expects booming business in the days to come, as well. In fact, he has another plan up his sleeve during the warmer months of the year. He plans to ship foliage leaves to another set of “less fortunate” people!

[Photo by John Normile/Getty Images]