Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift: Katy Doesn’t Want To Reconcile With America’s Sweetheart

Taylor Swift has been reconciling with a lot of enemies lately. She was seen photographed and having a conversation with Kanye West after the rapper interrupted her 2009 VMA speech, and the two are reportedly making music together, as they were seen having dinner earlier last week. Taylor has also made peace with Diplo, Katy Perry’s rumored ex-boyfriend, after the DJ previously insulted the singer on social media.

Swift has yet to fix her feud with Katy Perry. According to a source from Hollywood Life, the “Blank Space” singer wants to kiss and make up with her. Swift attempted to reach out to the “Dark Horse” singer, but Perry doesn’t want to reconcile.

“Taylor’s tried to reach out to make amends with Katy, but Katy is not going to accept it nor is she interested in having a friendship with Taylor. She wants nothing to do with Taylor. In Katy’s mind, Taylor shouldn’t even attempt to make a friendship happen. That ship has sailed.”

The Daily Mirror also reported that the singers avoided crossing paths at the 2015 Grammys, which was a nightmare for the event’s organizers. An insider said, “It was a nightmare coordinating everything so Katy and Taylor don’t cross paths at all.”

Perry is reportedly working on a new song that will take a hit at Swift. According to Hollywood Life, the track will appear on Perry’s new album, which she is currently working on.

“Of course she will leave room on her album for a diss track about Taylor Swift. Katy loves controversy and the feud with Taylor is great for that. She is definitely going to write a new song based on how two-faced she thinks Taylor is.”

The Inquisitr recently called out the fake tabloid stories surrounding Perry and Swift. Some have speculated if the feud is all part of a publicity stunt concocted by both of the pop singers.

Regardless if the feud is real or not, Katy would rather focus her energies on making a dance album or an acoustic record. Since rekindling her relationship with singer-songwriter and Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, she wants to go in a “complete opposite way” with her next album.

“There have always been two records I want to make; the acoustic record and the dance record. [‘One of the Boys’] was very pop-rock, more alternative influences, very No Doubt. But the last two [‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Prism’] were so pop heavy. ‘Prism’ has a more electronic influence. The next record does have to be different. I think that I’m gonna really have to reroute.

I can’t wait to create more and evolve more and be a contributor. I would never ever want to be just a celebrity. It’s so gross. But if you’re contributing, you’re adding something to the world; you’re changing someone’s perspective. I’m disgusted by the fame stuff. I try to keep a distance from it.”

Perry planned to release an acoustic album after the success with her second studio album Teenage Dream. She then went into a different direction and released Prism, which was a combination of up-tempo beats and Christian ballads. What are your thoughts on the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud? Do you think they should both make amends and move on?

[Images: Marcin Wichary and oouinouin from Nanterre, France]