Patricia Arquette Tweets Frantic Defense Of Divisive #EqualPay Comments: ‘Don’t Talk To Me About Privilege’

Patricia Arquette is still, two days later, trying to defend comments made at the Academy Awards, that have people from almost every corner of the political spectrum responding in indignation, anger, and offense. The actress spoke out calling for equal pay for women — this alone garnered criticism from some corners. It was the way Arquette worded her speech, though, that turned away many who would have otherwise been supporters of he message. She has since defended her comments on Twitter, and now she’s back for another round of defensive explanations.

Arquette’s call for equal pay for women might have gone over better if she hadn’t suggested that “all the gay people, and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for” now had a debt to pay, by standing up for women’s rights. While certainly the message that everyone should fight for equal rights for all people might not have been controversial, directly calling out minority groups who are still struggling under unequal hiring practices and unequal pay struck audiences as insensitive and privilege-blind, at best.

On Monday, Arquette took to Twitter to argue in her own defense.

As the conversation around the web continued, though, calling Arquette out for not recognizing how her speech went so wrong, she returned to social media Tuesday to argue her case again.

No doubt women across the country can appreciate a champion of women’s rights and equal pay who has the kind of public platform that is granted to entertainers, but equality should be a shared goal of humanity, not a favor that leaves one group beholden to another. Calling on everyone to work together for equality is laudable, but Patricia Arquette’s way of doing so has had the effect of dividing, rather than bringing together, and across the country, people are calling on her to recognize this, and correct it, rather than continuing to defend it.

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