Chris Brown Thinks Media Is Harder On Him Than Justin Bieber Because He Is Black

Chris Brown believes he gets a harder time in the media than Justin Bieber because he is black, so he said during his interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Monday.

In fact, the issue of color was a constant on the show, with co-host Charlamagne tha god’s continual yells of “lightskinned” as a reason for Brown’s oft-provocative, sometimes highly offensive statements on Instagram, and other kinds of inappropriate conduct.

When Brown said “I’m never politically correct,” this was greeted by guffaws from tha god and his remark that “he [Chris] can’t [control it], he’s lightskinned,” as his explanation.

Throughout Chris’ interview, which covered other subjects, Charlamagne made comments indicating that he personally thinks the mainstream media “targeted” Brown. Charlamagne even brought up Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s relationship — he referred to Chris as “Bobby Beige ’15” — and asked Brown if he thought “misconceptions” about his much- talked about romance with “Shorty [Rihanna]” were in line with tha god’s view that [Bobby] Brown was wrongly perceived as the “bad guy.”

Watch the interview video below for Brown’s answer to that question, which he seemingly didn’t think was off-base.

Brown’s probation was recently revoked by a judge for a third time this January, following his failure to get legal permission to perform in a Northern California venue.

Following a discussion about a judge recently signing off on Brown’s completion of the last 100 hours of the 1000 hours of community service he was given after he pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009, and resuming his “Between The Sheets” tour with Trey Songz and Tyga, the topic of Bieber was raised.

Charlamagne said to Brown: “Now, somebody like Justin Bieber, he got low. Seemed like he popped back up and he’s [now] trying to have a cleaner image. It seems like the media is allowing it — not just allowing it — but kinda like, pushing it. I wonder why you don’t get the same chances?”

Brown immediately replied, “It’s skin color. I’m light-skinned, but not that shade.”

He added, “Everybody’s gon be like ‘he’s pulling the race card.'” He continued, “Man, you gotta know this music industry — it’s 1935.”

Brown went on to say that if he releases a new R&B track it “goes so far” and will “maybe touch Top 40.” Without naming names — but possibly alluding to Justin Timberlake’s 2002 Justified and 2006 FutureSex/LoveSounds albums — he said that if an artist of a “different color [white]” releases music, it’s lauded as the “newest generation of music.”

Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Defended By LL Cool J
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are friends. They collaborated on the record "Next To You" in 2011 and an unreleased song in 2014)

When asked if he thought the judge who presided over his probation reviews and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office had been influenced by media reports about him, Brown replied, “I think even if I was at church everyday or whatever, it would be something to talk about.”

Brown added, “How media has, not saying kinda targeted me, ‘cos I’m not here to be like woe is me and all that… but it gets old all the time.”

After calling the Los Angeles Probation Department “backwards” over their decision to give him maintenance duties at a boys’ detention center, instead of letting him pep-talk with the inmates about his “insight [on] how not to take a certain path,” the singer offered this gem:

“I feel like people feed on my negativity because of my greatness as an artist.”

It will probably come as no surprise to hear Brown defended Kanye West’s recent rants, while The Breakfast Club hosts also said the Yeezy rapper was more “humble” lately.

Justin Bieber Steps Out For Chris Brown's Charity Event
(Photo: Chris Brown believes he gets a tougher ride in the press than Justin Bieber because he is black)

Evidently, Brown considers violently battering his former girlfriend, previously not honestly completing his probation, and somehow being in nightclubs whenever gunfire goes off, is somehow comparable to Bieber throwing eggs at an inanimate house, paparazzi run-ins, and ultimately being charged with reckless driving in a DUI case.

After the interview dropped, some of the Biebs’ outraged fans took to Twitter to argue that the “Beauty and a Beat” singer has been subjected to body and gender shaming since the start of his career as a child, even before his turbulent ride through 2013 to mid-2014.

The media has been tearing him down for years. The amount of hate he gets is crazy but while CB is crying, Justin keeps quit.

— Mar-NoChill-ia (@noncisonofate) February 23, 2015

Chris is such an idiot for what he said. He does get hate but he does not get more hate than Justin and did he forget that he hit a WOMAN?

— Mar-NoChill-ia (@noncisonofate) February 23, 2015

Fans also posted reminders of Bieber’s record on YouTube for [previously] receiving the most likes for his “Baby” music video, but also the most dislikes from 2010, when the video was first posted.

Notably, this was long before the Canadian’s legal woes.

Likewise, back in May, 2014, an E-Score poll revealed Bieber came fifth among the 1,100 surveyed, with 86 percent of votes, as the “Most Disliked Man In America.”

Music producer Phil Spector, whose murder of actress Lana Clarkson put him in prison for 19 years to life back in 2009, polled at No. 6, while ex-Patriots star turned murder suspect Aaron Hernandez also polled less dislikes than Bieber.

Notwithstanding Bieber’s past antics, for which he has received legal sanctions, it is clear that the anti-Bieber climate of today is also the result of widespread click bait, significantly skewed, abusive — and often — fabricated media reporting.

In recent weeks, Bieber appears to have drawn a line under his acting out after posting an apology video, and owning up to what he called “arrogant” and “conceited” behavior. He is reportedly receiving spiritual guidance from Pastor Carl Lentz of the Hillsong NYC Church.

In addition to keeping his own counsel, rather than claiming Rihanna and present girlfriend Karrueche Tran can’t do better than him — and continuing to publicly feud with the rapper Drake — perhaps Brown should stop rewriting Bieber’s treatment in the press, and realize that the most pertinent reason why many do not respect him has absolutely nothing to do with him being black?

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