Kanye West Talks Kim Kardashian At BET Honors: ‘My Wife Has Dated Broke Black Dudes…Saw Her Dad Get Called An N-Word Lover’ [Video]

The video titled BET Honors 2015 Kanye West’s Rousing Reflection Unedited #‎BETHonors by Video The BET Honors 2015 is going viral, with the 9-minute-plus long video having been uploaded 13 hours ago already gaining 5,273 views in that short time. That’s because at the BET Honors 2015 celebration, Kanye West gave his wife, Kim Kardashian, quite a laugh when talking about her dating history with black men.

Kanye was presented with a Visionary Award for BET artists, and afterward Kanye kissed Kim and smiled at someone screaming, “I love you Jeezy!” West talked about feeling humbled, as he asked if it were okay to put the award down on the ground while he spoke. And speak, he did. At times, Kanye spoke slowly and laughed about the speech being pre-taped, so West knew he had time to wax philosophical and “go Chicago for a second,” like he said. He once again spoke about visiting Minister Louis Farrakhan, as Kanye did in his Power 105.1 interview, as reported by the Inquisitr in the article titled “Kanye West’s Full YouTube Interview With ‘The Breakfast Club Power 105.1’ Goes Viral Due To Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner, And Tyga Controversy [Video]

West transitioned to speaking about dating a woman not of color, and how he felt the legendary man might have felt about that interracial relationship. Kanye talked about how guys in the barber shop complain about black men who get rich or “put on” that go on to date white women, or Caucasian women that only date wealthy black men. That’s when Kanye cracked the crowd up by saying that Kardashian has dated men that weren’t rich that were African-American, disproving that theory.

“My wife has dated broke black dudes…”

From that point, Kanye spoke of Kim’s dad, Robert Kardashian, and respectfully remembered that the legal eagle organized one of the best legal teams ever, said West, and was the mastermind behind getting O.J. Simpson off of his murder charges, a statement that didn’t engender any applause by the BET crowd. But West moved on to talking about how Robert had the racial slur “N-Word Lover” painted on the side of his car, and Kim’s dad tried to chase down the folks who painted the slur on his car. When Kim asked her dad why it was so important to him to find the offending parties, Robert told Kim that one day she might have a black child — and seeing as though North West is alive and well, and the subject of Kanye’s rousing “Only One” song when he sings of his mother Donda West singing from heaven to “tell Nori about me…tell Nori about me,” Kanye smiled at that prophecy from Robert Kardashian. Nick Jonas recently covered Only One, as reported by Billboard.

[Image of Kanye West via BET]