‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama: Jeremy Calvert Admits To Being ‘Mad At Someone’

The Teen Mom 2 drama between Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer appears to have taken a turn for the worse. On Twitter, the reality star and pipe layer shared a seemingly worrisome update, possibly in regard to his marriage.

On February 24, Calvert admitted to being mad at someone, but didn’t reveal who it was he was speaking of.

“When I get mad at someone… I’m silent AS F–K… Cuz if I speak my mind… S–t gonna get hella real.”

Calvert and Messer’s Teen Mom 2 drama began in October of last year, when Calvert claimed to have caught Messer cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. As fans of the show will recall, this wasn’t the first time Kidd was involved with Messer’s Teen Mom 2 drama. During a previous season of the show, Messer admitted to sleeping with Kidd just hours before she married her first husband, Corey Simms.

In the weeks that followed Calvert’s shocking tweets, the Teen Mom 2 drama appeared to come to an end. On Twitter, Messer denied having cheated on her husband and claimed their marriage was still intact. However, a short while later, it was Calvert who was caught in a highly publicized cheating scandal when messages between himself and Brittany Musick were leaked.

In the messages, Calvert and Musick were seen attempting to make plans with one another and chat on Skype. Also during their chat, Calvert claimed he was single, and complimented Musick on her looks.

While the Teen Mom 2 drama between Calvert and Messer appeared to be over at that point, with Calvert claiming to have filed for divorce, Messer threw fans for a loop when she confirmed on Twitter that she and Calvert were still together.

“I couldn’t have imagined spending my New Year with anyone else! I love you baby,” she wrote, according to an Inquisitr report, which also included photos of the pair kissing.

One month later, Messer revealed a text message from Calvert, which further confirmed they were still married.

“God I love you Leah Dawn. IDK honestly what it is 1000% bout you but you have my heart more than anyone ever has in my life and sometimes it drives me crazy just trying to figure just what it is about you and I think it’s not just one thing its everything about you if that makes sense.”

For more Teen Mom 2 drama, tune into season six when it premieres later this year on MTV.

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