‘Street Fighter 5’ Characters: Charlie Nash Brings The ‘Sonic Boom’, But What About Guile?

Street Fighter 5 characters revealed so far have been very few, with Capcom allegedly promising a more unique roster for the PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive fighter. Charlie Nash has been revealed, but Guile has not.

If Guile is no longer on the roster, it will be the most ironic switch in the history of the game. According to Guile’s storyline, Charlie was an old war buddy who’d vanished after the Alpha era. Guile had entered the World Warrior tournament to question M. Bison (Vega in Japan) about his friend’s absence. Now it looks like Guile has gone missing, and Charlie is back, but with some alterations.

The loss of Guile is speculation, of course, since the official Street Fighter 5 release date is set for March 31, 2016, according to Amazon. A lot can change and several more Street Fighter 5 characters could be revealed by then.

The Street Fighter 5 trailer released today gives us our first look at Charlie Nash in action, bringing back the classic “sonic boom” attack. This is a projectile attack where the character brings both fists forward so fast they literally bring a piece of the sound barrier with them.

Other attacks Charlie appears to bring with him are variations of Guile’s “flash kick” and a teleport, making him an even more dangerous opponent than ever. The “flash kick” was originally an anti-air maneuver that many Street Fighter fans used in order to play a defensive game of keep-away against less projectile-dependent characters. Charlie gives it a classic upwards version as well as a new top-down variation to punish opponents planning on attacking from a blocking position.

From his appearance, Charlie seems to have a sort of head implant indicated by stitches and a light in the middle of his leather-clad forehead. This possibly means he’s been experimented on and is under the control of whatever organization is the enemy this time.

More Street Fighter 5 characters are on the way from Capcom, so we might yet see the return of Guile and several other classic fighters. Who do you want to see return for this next round?

[Image via VG 247]