Watch Louis Farrakhan Call Rudy Giuliani A ‘Privileged Cracker And Devil’ For Criticizing Obama

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, has been in the news recently for statements he said about the current United States President Barack Obama. The Inquisitr reported on said statements in which Guiliani said Obama doesn’t love America. People have applauded him for expressing his opinion while others call foul, citing racism. As a matter of fact, the opposition against Guiliani has exponentially increased the he is now receiving death threats for his view.

Out of all of Rudy Giuliani’s naysayers, the most prominently-known individual is Louis Farrakhan. In retaliation to Giuliani’s opinion, Farrakhan has called him a “privileged cracker and devil.”

According to the official website of the Tea Party, Louis Farrakhan – the Nation of Islam leader who demanded Ferguson protesters to “Tear this Godd**n country apart” – showed his anger towards former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani, at a sermon he preached on Sunday, February 22.

“Giuliani says Obama does not love America. And instead of apologizing, they say he doubled down, he tripled down, he said, ‘I’m not taking this back. He didn’t grow up like we grew up.'”

Louis Farrakhan would then argue Rudy Giuliani’s upbringing, following a direction that would insult the former NYC mayor both racially and personally.

“How did you grow up, Giuliani? A privileged cracker? Or I should say, a privileged devil?!”

Apparently, Louis Farrakhan’s aggressive words towards Rudy Giuliani was the linchpin that once pulled, caused him to verbally attack all Americans of European ethnicity or ancestry. Farrakhan also used Black American slavery to enforce his attack too.

“You grew up on the sweat and the blood of black men and women who made America before your fathers got here! All of you Europeans, you recent immigrants that have found a home in America, and you are so happy. But you walking on our blood. Our blood soaks the soil of America!”

Most of the news sites that picked up on Louis Farrakhan’s words against Rudy Giuliani were of a conservative preference, such as America’s Freedom Fighters and Daily Caller. Some of them even called out Farrakhan’s statements to be racist towards White Americans.

The part of Louis Farrakhan’s sermon in which he called Rudy Giuliani a “privileged cracker and devil,” followed by his attacking people of European ancestry is attached below for viewing.

Now that you’ve seen Louis Farrakhan’s call Rudy Giuliani a “privileged cracker and devil” followed by his attack on people of European ancestry, what are your views? Do you agree with some of the news sites that his words are racist against White Americans?