‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick And The Group Face New Challenges In Alexandria

The Walking Dead Season 5 has seen a lot of drama, and fans have witnessed the deaths of two main characters since the start of the season. However, Rick and his group of survivors have now reached the Alexandria Safe Zone.

Spoiler TV shared major spoilers for the next episode, The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12, titled “Remember,” on Tuesday, and there are new challenges for the group of survivors to face. Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what will happen on the next episode.

These spoilers reveal that Rick and his group will be given two houses once they reach Alexandria, but Rick forces the group to stay together on their first night. He is being cautious about their surroundings after losing two members of their group in recent episodes. Rick feels a lot of guilt over these losses, and he does not want to lose anyone else in the group.

After the group is caught sleeping in one house the next morning, Rick tells the group that they will not have to share a room together anymore. The group will split between the two houses. The group has been on the road for sometime at this point, so this is a huge difference for them. They haven’t had a real home since they left the prison, and that was not a safe environment.

Rick will also receive a visitor once he is settled into the new house, according to the spoilers. A woman will come over, and she will even offer to cut his hair. She also informs him that there are several kids Carl’s age around. There is no hint of romance here. Fans have been waiting for some closeness to develop between Michonne and Rick, and the pair is getting closer as time goes on.

As for Carl, he will hear a noise upstairs, and he will go to investigate. This scene is teased in one of the sneak peeks for the episode. The clip shows Carl heading upstairs, but the scene stops just as he reaches out to open the door.

The spoilers shared by Spoiler TV reveal that Carl will find an empty room with magazines. The room was used as a hangout by some of the kids in the zone. Carl has not been around other children his own age since the prison, and he has been forced to grow up fast. It should be interesting for fans to see him with other kids.

Once the group starts to settle in, they will each be given jobs. This is a community of people, and everyone is working together to keep the zone a safe to place to live. Everyone in the zone has a job to do, but Daryl is not given a job. In fact, he does not like it in Alexandria much. Carol is also cautious about their new surroundings. She will tell Rick that the group will get weak if they stay in the safe zone too long.

Both Carol and Daryl have been through a lot since the series began. Daryl is still trying to cope with Beth’s death, and Carol has grown and changed a lot as a character since episode one. She is not the same woman that was abused by her husband when the series began.

Andrew Lincoln has teased about the arrival to the Alexandria Safe Zone and what it means for the group and the series in a new interview shared by Digital Spy.

“It’s a change in the story, what happens now. We’re moving to a completely new space and it’s leading into a new show. They’ve been so beaten and damaged of late that you’ll see people that are coming back from war and the fallout of that in every which way. That’s absolutely the drama at the heart of the rest of the season. That’s the landscape that we’re investigating: whether these people are able to integrate anymore. Whether they are social animals; whether they can be recognized as social human beings anymore.”

The first photos for the episode tease the group’s arrival at Alexandria. It is clear the group is very cautious in the new photos.

Photos from next week’s episode of The Walking Dead pic.twitter.com/0kzY4CTys6

— The Walking Dead (@BAMF_walker) February 23, 2015

However, Cleveland did give fans some insight into the Alexandria Safe Zone. This area is very prominent in the comics, and it is the area will become a home for the group for some time. The area is safe, and the group will likely remain there unless the series decides to veer off the comics. If the series follows the comics, Rick Grimes will likely take on a leadership role.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what happens next to Rick and his group on The Walking Dead?

[Photo: The Walking Dead AMC Facebook]