Shipwreck Hunters Find Millenium Falcon Shaped Object On Sea Floor [Video]

Shipwreck hunters have made a very interesting find in the waters beneath the Baltic Sea. The hunters have found an object shaped like Han solo’s Millennium Falcon with landing marks behind it. While it is hard to tell from the pictures, it is the size of a 747. There is also a similar object just a little smaller nearby.

Shipwreck hunter Peter Lindberg says there is definitely something weird about the objects.

Lindberg told CNN,

“This thing turned up. My first reaction was to tell the guys that we have a UFO here on the bottom.”

The CNN Anchor who interviewed Lindberg said in response,

“Could this be the Star Wars Millenium Falcon, a plug to an inner world or a marine version of Stonehenge?”

Lindberg says that it could be other things. It could be a downed ship, it could be mud but what it isn’t is usual.

Lindberg says that it is not really possible for it to be a shipwreck. He said the shear size of it makes it unlikely that it was a ship or piece of a ship.

Lindberg’s team originally had no plans to return to the sight but now with all the increased publicity they said they plan on going back to the sight around May. The Baltic Sea is a treasure hunters dream area because the waterway has a very low saline level so things that rest on the bottom tend to preserve well. Lindberg’s team recently pulled a century old case of champagne from the bottom that was still in great shape.

Do you think the secret to life on other planets is at the bottom of the Baltic?

Check out this video of the site.