Tom Schwartz Posts Hilarious Tribute To Lisa Vanderpump: ‘I Go To My Happy Place’

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz has felt the pressure this season, as he learned that his secret of cheating on Katie Maloney would be revealed. In addition, Tom would have to face his issue of commitment, as Katie really wanted to start thinking about settling down, especially since Scheana Marie had just celebrated her wedding with her friends.

But Tom Schwartz wasn’t eager to settle down. Tom gave Katie a ring on a necklace, which infamously became known as the “ring on a string.” Schwartz clearly admitted that he wasn’t ready to settle down, even though he knows that Maloney is the one for him. And the pressure and drama associated with putting everything out there on the show can quickly become too much for him.

According to a new Instagram post, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz has a special place where he goes when the drama becomes too much. This week, Tom posted a hilarious video – which almost served as a tribute to Lisa Vanderpump – to reveal that the drama does become too much.

“When the drama becomes too much, I go to my happy place, Bravo, Lisa Vanderpump #pumprules #happygilmore #happy #sandler,” Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz revealed while sharing the post.

A video posted by Tom Schwartz (@twschwa) on

The video is a short one that simply features some of his favorite things. Shockingly, Schwartz is spotted dipping Lisa Vanderpump which is very interesting. According to the Inquisitr, Tom has previously revealed that he had put Lisa on a pedestal, and that he was a little scared of her. Schwartz ended up walking away from a job because he had a panic attack. The entire thing was just too much for Tom.

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz has tried to get a job with Lisa again, and he does help out whenever Lisa needs extra help at PUMP. But simply because she gives Schwartz a job doesn’t mean that she fully understands his situation. Just last week, Vanderpump was shocked that he would give Katie the ring on a string to show his love.

It sounds like Tom and Lisa have grown closer, and that Tom isn’t as intimidated by her as much as he once was. Maybe as he gets to know her more, Schwartz may get a job at SUR or PUMP.

What do you think about Tom Schwartz’s hilarious video? Do you think the drama can quickly become too much for such an easy-going guy?

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