Tyga Being Pressured To Dump Kylie Jenner, Teen Is Crying Because She Doesn’t Want To Lose Him

Tyga’s rumored relationship with Kylie Jenner is causing big problems for the rapper — a few members of his crew aren’t happy about it, and they’re pressuring the 25-year-old to quit spending time with the 17-year-old reality show star.

According to Radar Online, members of Tyga’s management team have instructed him to avoid hanging out with Kylie Jenner in public. His advisers are especially concerned about PDA — they don’t want Tyga to get caught kissing Kylie or holding hands with her. This is probably because Jenner is underage, and her relationship with Tyga is already getting tons of negative publicity. As the Inquisitr previously reported, celebrities like Amber Rose and Drake have drawn even more attention to the couple by blasting their rumored romance. However, Tyga and Kylie can count Kanye West as a supporter — Yeezus actually called Tyga “smart” for hooking up with Kylie while she’s so young.

Kylie Jenner is allegedly worried that Tyga will give in to the pressure from his management team, and a source says that she’s been “crying all week” over the prospect of being dumped.

“Tyga has tried to reassure Kylie that they are solid, but she has her doubts.”

Tyga continues to deny that he’s dating the teen model, but he has also professed his love for her. During a recent interview with 92.3 AMP Radio, Tyga shared a few words that Kylie Jenner might find reassuring.

“Whether if I tell the world that I love her or I don’t, it’s gonna be me to dictate that, and how I want to keep my friendship and relationship with her,” Tyga said, according to Sugarscape. “If you’re around somebody, and you love being around that person, that’s all that matters. She’s just a good person, she’s got great energy.”

It sounds like Tyga has very strong feelings for Jenner, and he definitely doesn’t seem interested in losing his relationship with her — whatever that relationship may be. Instead of distancing himself from Kylie, Tyga is seemingly opening up more and more about how much he cares about her. He also recently used Instagram to gush about Kylie’s greatness.

“Your beauty never goes unnoticed. One of the best/dopest person in my life,” he captioned the photo below.

Kylie Jenner Tyga Instagram

A source told Radar that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are pretty much living together already, so maybe they’ll shack up together in the $2.7 million house that Kylie recently purchased. Now that the teen has her own crib, she’ll be able to avoid disapproving parents and the ever-present Keeping Up With the Kardashians camera crews.

Do you think Tyga is on the verge of admitting that he and Kylie Jenner are dating, or will he wait until she’s 18 to reveal the true nature of their relationship?

[Image credits: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Frazer Harrison/Getty]