‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Wants Perfection In Last Los Angeles Outing

Tuesday night’s episode of Dance Moms has some intense drama ahead as Abby Lee Miller and the girls wrap up their stint in Los Angeles. This is the second episode of a two-parter titled “Wild Wild West Coast,” and fans are anxious to know what to expect. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the February 24 episode?

The show’s Facebook page teases viewers with several sneak peeks. Abby Lee Miller says that they were humiliated in Los Angeles, and they are now facing their last competition before returning to Pittsburgh. She’s got two group dances in this one, and some of the moms feel as if the teams are being pitted against one another.

Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Miller says she’s got too many girls right now, with JoJo, Sarah Reasons, and Brynn in the mix. One of them won’t be joining them back in Pittsburgh.

Nia, Mackenzie, JoJo, and Kendall will be doing a jazz group dance inspired by Moulin Rouge. Sarah, Brynn, Kalani, and Mackenzie will be doing an acrobatic piece called “No Laughing Matter.” Dance Moms spoilers from the previews indicate that some of the moms will feel that Abby is focused on the acrobatic piece, giving the other group the short end of the stick.

Previews show that JoJo is definitely going to be facing some more of Abby’s wrath this week. Miller has JoJo in a duet with Mackenzie for a piece inspired by I Love Lucy, but she says that Siwa is missing a lot of the nuances of her piece and can’t seem to keep up. Will JoJo be at risk of being cut from the ALDC team?

The show’s Wikia spoiler page notes that the competition results are a bit hazy for this episode. Sarah and Kalani do the other duet, thought to be a spin of the infamous Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan ice skating rivalry.

Abby has said she is determined to leave Los Angeles with big wins under her belt, but the end results do not appear to be known for certain. However, there are indicators that Miller will be left disappointed. That may not bode well for the girls headed back to Pittsburgh.

Which girls will be cut from the ALDC? Dance Moms spoilers for future episodes share details about Nia, Kalani, Kendall, Maddie, and Mackenzie, though JoJo’s name does pop up again a bit later in the season as well. From the looks of things, Brynn may be the most at risk of not having the opportunity to continue with the ALDC.

What about the MattyB video featured last week? TV Guide teases Dance Moms spoilers that viewers will see the music video shoot in Tuesday’s episode. However, Abby gets into some kind of disagreement with MattyB’s manager and she tries to stop production. That said, the video is already out and fans seem to love it.

Which girl will be cut from the ALDC after the Los Angeles competition? How will the girls place? Tune in to Dance Moms airing on Lifetime on Tuesday, February 24 to find out.

[Image via MattyB Raps YouTube]