New Dragon Ball Z Episodes Take Back DBZ’s Reputation, It’s A Real ‘Light Of Hope’

Not to play on words, but these new Dragon Ball Z episodes are a “light of hope” for the series. With real people, you get the DBZ fights you want to see.

Even though a live-action Dragon Ball movie was released, many fans were left dissatisfied. It didn’t tap into the DBZ wavelengths and frequencies. It probably would’ve served best accompanied by My Little Pony.

However, there’s new episodes that hopefully will turn into a new movie. As aforementioned, these episodes are part of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. Thankfully, the pilot episode released on February 24, 2015, via YouTube.

New Dragon Ball Z Episodes - Light Of Hope - Live Action Series
Credits: YouTube | Robot Underdog New Dragon Ball Z episodes show promise and could save the image of DBZ's name.

The DBZ filmmaker’s company is called Robot Underdog. It seems that they’ve been working on this movie for some time now. As can be seen from the intro disclaimer, the movie was funded by the fans, for the fans. Obviously, the prior live-action movie — as previously mentioned — didn’t go well with a majority of its viewers.

#20ThingsIWantFor2015 • A New Dragon Ball Movie • A New Dragon Ball Series • Dragon Ball Z on Netflix RT IF YOU WANT THIS TOO!

— Goku (@Goku) February 23, 2015

They needs to RETRY REDO REMAKE the dragon ball z movie

— Jiggy Warrior (@damons_a_wojc) February 24, 2015

Things seem pretty clear. And Robot Underdog is answering the call.

The pilot episode of Light of Hope takes place during History of Trunks movie. This was the time when Androids 17 and 18 were on Earth doing as they pleased.

If you remember, future Trunks came back, during the Freza saga, to prevent such a thing. However, he ended up getting sidetracked. He warned everyone of Goku’s pending heart condition and left things up to Gohan and “little” Trunks.

New Dragon Ball Z Episodes - Light Of Hope - Gohan Transform Into Super Saiyan
Credits: YouTube | Robot Underdog In this scene, Gohan is powering up into Super Saiyan ascent while Android 17 shields against his energy bursts.

Well, this is where these episodes pick up the torch in a live-action version. Dragon Ball Z is known for its high-intensely fight scenes, showcasing immense power and supernatural speed. As lackluster as these were in the prior movie, they appear to be up-to-par in this rendition.

The Z Fighters were said to have started an underground resistance movement against the Androids. At this point, only 10,000 out of millions had survived 17 and 18’s onslaught on the world. The episode starts with Trunks giving a brief narration about the situation.

However, this writer will not spoil the episode for you. If you’re a fan, you pretty much know the storyline anyway, right? You can watch the full episode is below.

What are your thoughts on the new Dragon Ball Z episode and series, Light of Hope? Will this live-action version stand the test?

[Feature Image via Robot Underdog/YouTube]