‘Pump Rules’ Drama: Lisa Vanderpump Claims James Kennedy Is Kristen Doute’s ‘Punching Bag’

The Vanderpump Rules drama between Kristen Doute and James Kennedy made its way into Lisa Vanderpump’s blog. Following a dramatic few episodes, Vanderpump weighed in on the odd dynamic between Doute and her boyfriend.

On February 23, Vanderpump wrote on her Bravo blog.

“I kind of want to shake James. I know the answer, and I see this young boy that’s really kind of making mistakes at the moment. He’s almost like Kristen’s punching bag–well I mean he has been literally–and I want to shake him, but I can’t get involved. He has to make his own mistakes.”

During last week’s episode, the Pump Rules drama reached an all-time high with Doute punching Kennedy in the face after he followed her and a male friend into a parking lot at Scheana Marie’s wedding.

After the fight scene aired, as reported by the Inquisitr, Doute spoke out during the Vanderpump Rules Last Call online special, claiming it was Kennedy’s heavy drinking that caused her to act out.

“I was a little bummed out that James was as drunk as he was, and a little crazy,” Doute explained on February 16, adding that she didn’t feel she was to blame for their Pump Rules drama. “I don’t think it was my fault that he was that wasted.”

As for the dinner meeting on last night’s episode, Vanderpump claimed Doute got exactly what she wanted, but ultimately lost when it came to her co-stars’ perception.

“Kristen is amazing, really. She got everything she wanted out of that dinner. She got Jax to admit what she wanted to hear, and somehow at the end, it still feels to me like she ends up losing.”

While Doute was able to have Taylor state that Tom Sandoval did cheat on his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, with “Miami girl” Annemarie Kunkel, her obsession over the issue has made her seem a bit unstable to her co-stars, and fans of the show.

Doute dated Sandoval until Season 2 of the series, when it was revealed that she had cheated on him with Taylor. Around the same time, Doute alleged Sandoval cheated on her with Madix, but that was never proven. Since the split, Doute has made it her business to expose Sandoval as a cheater, and take some of the heat off of herself.

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