Joe Giudice Struggling Financially: Teresa Giudice Can Do Nothing Behind Bars

Joe Giudice has been working hard on taking care of his family, as Teresa Giudice is currently serving time behind bars. Giudice has been responsible for taking care of the couple’s four daughters, and he has been staying out of the spotlight for the most part. Unlike Teresa, Joe doesn’t necessarily want his life to be in the tabloids or on a reality show.

Joe Giudice has been struggling financially, as the family filed for bankruptcy a few years ago. And now that they have both been sentenced to serve time for mortgage fraud, one can imagine that Joe has an extra pair of eyes on him when it comes to his spending. Apparently, sources close to him say he is struggling with money and he is getting desperate.

According to a new Radar Online report, Joe Giudice is looking for money because the family’s finances are not exactly recovering. In court records, it was revealed that Teresa Giudice’s businesses were not exactly making money. In fact, Teresa isn’t even adding much while in jail, as her businesses are not making money while she is locked up.

“Joe is getting desperate,” a source has revealed about the now single father, adding, “He doesn’t have any money coming in and he doesn’t know how he is going to get any money.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice still owes millions and they are expected to pay that back. However, with the massive home, Gia Giudice’s new music career, and Joe being the only worker, it can be hard to bring in money.

“Without Teresa’s show money they’re not generating any income,” the source said, revealing, “Everything was all smoke and mirrors.”

Joe Giudice and Teresa have been thinking about selling their massive home in hopes of making some money so they can get back on their feet. This was shown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

She has also been thinking about writing a tell-all book about her financial troubles and bankruptcy, and it is possible that this book could give her some income once she is released. But it is questionable whether Joe Giudice will film The Real Housewives of New Jersey without Teresa. Bravo hasn’t confirmed anything, but according to the Inquisitr, Jim Marchese doesn’t want Teresa to come back on the show.

What do you think of Joe Giudice struggling for money? Do you think Bravo should invite him back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey while Teresa Giudice is serving her time?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]