’19 Kids And Counting’ Spoilers: Jessa Goes Dress Shopping, Jill Meets With Midwife

19 Kids and Counting is back with new episodes and Duggar family fans are thrilled. During the premiere viewers got to watch the family react to the news that Jill and Derick Dillard were expecting, and this week the attention turns to Jessa and Ben’s wedding. What 19 Kids spoilers are available for the February 24 episodes?

As TV Guide notes, TLC will air two new episodes Tuesday night: “Jessa Says Yes to the Dress” and “Bridesmaids and Babies.” In the first episode, 19 Kids and Counting spoilers indicate that Jessa will take an entourage of Seewald and Duggar family members dress shopping.

Will Jessa find just the right dress? Fans who follow the family during the off-season know that ultimately this Duggar family member did indeed find a gorgeous gown for her wedding last November to Ben. She is determined to find a dress on that big day out, given that the wedding is just weeks away.

During the first episode there will be a bit of Jill and Derick as well, as they will get a special present from her sister Josh and his wife Anna. Though fans won’t see it play out quite this early in the season, it has been revealed that Anna and Josh are also expecting, and their new baby will be their fourth.

During the second episode, 19 Kids spoilers indicate that Jinger will take engagement photos for Jessa and Ben. This episode takes place just six weeks before the big wedding, so it’s safe to say everybody will be in scramble mode.

As for Derick and Jill, they will be having their first midwife appointment in this episode. Jill recently shared a photo showing that she’s 35 weeks along. “Baby Dilly” will be arriving in real life in a matter of weeks, though it will surely be late in the season, or seen in the next season, when the baby’s arrival is featured on the show.

People shares a 19 Kids and Counting spoiler sneak peek at Jessa’s wedding dress hunt. Given the fact that Jessa’s sister Jill had gotten married just a few months earlier, this Duggar gal definitely wanted to ensure that her wedding would have a different feel. While she tried on a dress that had some similarities to Jill’s, she was also drawn to something a bit more unusual.

The sneak peek shows Jessa trying on a blush pink gown, and 19 Kids fans know that ultimately she did indeed go with that color. Ben’s mom Guinn Seewald is seeing getting a bit emotional as she watches Jessa, and Michelle Duggar has some teary-eyed moments as well.

19 Kids and Counting came back to stellar ratings and fans are thrilled. Tune in to TLC on Tuesday, February 24 to watch Jill Duggar try on wedding gowns and see Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s first midwife visit.

[Image via TLC]