Dwayne Johnson: ‘Shazam’ Movie Release Date May Be Here Sooner Than We Thought

Dwayne Johnson has given us some potentially good news about DC Comics’ upcoming Shazam movie release date. He says things are moving forward and it could be here earlier than expected.

It was originally predicted that the film would hit theaters in 2019, as part of what could be a long line of Justice League movies, starting next year with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC and Warner Bros. appear to be putting a lot more time into production than Marvel seems to, which could be a good sign. Ever since Christopher Nolan took on the Batman universe, there has been hope that the studio could continue to deliver a believable and intelligent series of movies to help us forget Batman and Robin.

WWE regular and veteran Dwayne Johnson, who goes by “The Rock” in the square ring, is set to play the villain Black Adam, one of his first attempts at playing a villain since his brief cameo in The Mummy Returns.

It’s still unknown who will play the title role in the Shazam movie, as Johnson says in the video above.

Josh Horowitz of MTV fame was the recipient of this potentially good news for fans of the comic book villain.

For those unfamiliar with the story behind Shazam, Black Adam was the first one that the ancient wizard Shazam gave his powers to. This was due to his hope that the man would use the powers for good. When his first understudy turned evil, Shazam banished him to a distant point in the universe and tried again with Billy Batson.

Billy Batson was originally called Captain Marvel, but due to the need to summon his mentor to unleash his powers, he eventually became known as Shazam himself. The first one to get these powers became Black Adam.

With the speed at which Dwayne Johnson claims the Shazam movie is now coming, it’s possible that we might see it shortly before or after Justice League: Part One in 2017.

[Image via Game Breaker]