Lady Gaga’s Oscars Performance Finds Unlikely Gushing From Glenn Beck, Much To The Ire Of Her Liberal Fans

Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance has been hailed by many as a return to form for the avant-garde pop icon. Her last album, Artpop, failed to achieve the worldwide success of its predecessor Born This Way, and although Lady Gaga has been busy with other projects, there’s a notable difference between the public fervor a few short years ago when singles like “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro” were inescapable.

For her most devoted fans, or “Little Monsters” as she affectionately calls them, Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance was only a reaffirmation of the talent they’ve stood behind all along. But Lady Gaga’s appeal to the Oscars audience had appeal beyond her typical support base, the oddest of which would have to be conservative pundit Glenn Beck.

On his show, Glenn hailed Lady Gaga as one of the greatest living mainstream musicians, saying that her Oscars performance proved that she was really “something special.”

“I’ve said this for a long time. This woman is an absolute artist. She is a genius. And at first everybody mocked her. Then she just became such a big pop star, but a lot of people, again, continued to mock her. This woman is the way artists should be.”

Even though the source might be a little strange, it would be difficult for Lady Gaga not to be touched by Beck’s review of her Oscars performance. In fact, she liked it so much that she retweeted it to all of her fans, calling the review “humbling.”

Some of Lady Gaga’s fans, however, aren’t too pleased with her seemingly giving her stamp of approval to a piece of Glenn’s work, even if it was filled with high praise for her Oscars performance. Lady Gaga’s public persona has often been interlinked with politics that clash with Beck’s conservative ones, namely on the subjects of LGBT rights and public health care.

Gaga just linked to Glenn Beck’s blog because it gave her Oscars performance a good review — mat whitehead (@matwhi) February 24, 2015

Other fans saw it as a sign of Lady Gaga’s talent. After all, it’s hard to please a crowd as varied as the one that shows up to watch the Oscars; though it’s not clear if some of those who defended Lady Gaga reposting Glenn Beck’s piece really had any interest in anything but the politics of the situation.

You can relive Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance below to decide if you think Glenn Beck’s praise crosses party lines.

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