Android Tablets Catching Up With The iPad In Market Share

Android tablets are becoming more popular and that means they’re taking up more and more market share. The iPad is still the top dog currently in the marketplace, but with dozens and dozens of tablets available, growth is increasing.

Now, the iPad 2 is a great device and has helped Apple propel itself to outstanding sales. Being that the iPad 3 is supposed to be released this year, we could definitely see these findings change however. The tech company has a very loyal following and very strong brand presence that has people snatch up their products like hotcakes.

With that said, let’s dive into the details:

“Strategy Analytics said Android tablets increased their share of the market to 39 percent in the fourth quarter of the year from 29 percent a year earlier. The iPad accounted for 58 percent of the tablet market in the quarter, down from 68 percent a year earlier, the Boston-based company said.”

“Strategy Analytics director Peter King said global tablet shipments hit a record 26.8 million units in the fourth quarter, up 150 percent from the same period a year ago. Apple sold 15.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter while there were 10.5 million Android tablets shipped.”

It’s a war between both Google and Apple. On one side, it’s competition and on the other side, it’s a bit personal. Steve Jobs vowed to destroy what he considered to be a ripped off version of iOS and with all sorts of patent lawsuits against manufacturers, the company is doing everything they can to crack down on competitors.

Do you have an Android tablet? If so, what do you primarily use it for?