You Can Now Own A Piece Of Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ History

The video for Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” was groundbreaking and iconic. And now you can own a piece of that music history for yourself.

A signed contract for the 1983 Jackson video is being auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions, which is known as being “an industry leader in documents and autographs,” according to Broadway World. The bidding, which will be held in Los Angeles and also online, will begin on Thursday, February 26 for the contract signed by Jackson for his 13-minute video.

The contract between Jackson’s Optimum Productions and the Screen Actors Guild was signed in Los Angeles on October 10, 1983, before production began of the zombie-dancing “Thriller.”

According to Broadway World, “The contact covered payment and SAG requirements for two-dozen actors in the video” and “had to be signed prior to production.”

Attached to the Jackson contract is the “December 1983 certification document from the U.S. Copyright Office/Library of Congress.”

It was after the signing of the contract that filming could finally begin later in October of 1983 for Jackson’s “Thriller,” which took place in downtown Los Angeles.

The song and video were an immediate hit, selling over 9 million copies.

Also, “‘Thriller’ was MTV’s first world premiere video, launching the network into pop culture fame.”

Jackson’s video went on to win multiple awards. Jackson received a Grammy for Best Video Album in 1984, helping him set a record for most Grammys won. Jackson also won a Grammy for Best Long Form Music Video in 1985, and three MTV Awards in 1984, Viewer’s Choice, Best Choreography, and Best Overall Performance in a Video.

According to the Guardian, it was this work of Jackson’s that changed the music industry forever.

“The blockbuster work altered the boundaries for what a pop-music video could be – so much so, that in 2009, the Library of Congress added Thriller to the National Film Registry. It remains the first and only music video to be selected for the registry.”

And now you can own a key piece of that “blockbuster work.” Want to bid? Head to Nate D. Sanders Auctions, but make sure you have at least $25,000 handy if you want to own this piece of Michael Jackson history.

[Photo Courtesy of BoomsBeat]