How Does Chris Brown Feel About The Rihanna DiCaprio Romance?

The supposed Rihanna/DiCaprio romance seems to be getting hotter and hotter. And Rihanna’s outspoken ex, Chris Brown, had no problem sharing his thoughts about it during a recent interview.

Ever since the two were spotted together making out at the Playboy Mansion, rumors have been flying that Rihanna’s new romance is with the older Great Gatsby star. And while nothing is confirmed, Chris Brown spoke out about the budding romance on the Hot 97 show.

When it was mentioned that Rihanna could be dating DiCaprio, Brown stated that with Rihanna’s past choices in men, she couldn’t really choose anyone worse.

As seen on E!, Brown stated, “I’m gonna have to give her that, because you know what? Ain’t nowhere else you coulda went though. High five… You can only go up.”

Brown then went on to refer to DiCaprio as not just trading up but that he’s the “upper, upper echelon.” Brown went so far as to wish DiCaprio the best and comment on his “game.”

“I’m not even a hater. I’ll give you a slap on the back, booty, everything, ‘Hey, do your thing. Good game.’ In that situation, I just tip my hat. I’m not a hater. I’m not envious, I don’t feel jealous. Do your thing. I can’t have it all, brotha.”

Hear that Leo? You have Brown’s approval to do your thing and pursue a romance with his ex-girlfriend.

Despite being so vociferous about the rumored romance, Brown quickly decided that he wasn’t commenting on Rihanna and DiCaprio ever again.

Things between Rihanna and DiCaprio seem to be heating up, seeing as how DiCaprio even threw the 27-year-old Barbadian singer a birthday party this weekend.

The party, held at a private home in Beverly Hills, included many A-listers like Bill Murray, Mick Jagger, Jim Carey, and Russell Simmons.

Rihanna’s surprise birthday party, how cute!

— Ultimate Rihanna (@URihannaFansite) February 21, 2015

And while the two weren’t openly “couple-y,” according to People, a source told the magazine that, “they would flirt and dance so definitely a little magic there,” but nothing “over the top.”

The 40-year-old Wolf of Wall Street and Rihanna partied on until early the next morning.

Many are hoping the rumored romance is for real, especially after Us Weekly reported that DiCaprio and Rihanna spent Valentine’s Day weekend together in New York City.

According to the magazine the couple spent Valentine’s Day at Paul McCartney’s secret concert where the two “were whispering and staring into each other’s eyes.”

Well whether the Rihanna DiCaprio romance becomes more or not, the two can be sure that they have Chris Brown’s approval.

[Photo Courtesy of Us Weekly]