Cops Who Gunned Down Driver On Live Television Will Not Be Charged

The three LA cops who gunned down 51-year-old Brian Beaird on live television following a high speed car chase are not to face any official charges against them.

According to the three cops, who killed the unarmed man back in December 2013, they thought Beaird was reaching for a gun at the time they unloaded a total of 21 bullets on him.

Prosecutors noted that, “There is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (the officers) did not act in self-defense and in defense of others.”

The fatal incident, which began when the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies gave chase after trying to pull over Beaird, who was travelling in a silver Corvette, for reckless driving.

Having given chase, the officers saw that the silver Corvette had collided with another vehicle at an intersection, as Beaird emerged from his car waving his arms.

Apparently, an officer fired a non-lethal bean bag shotgun at Beaird, but soon after that the three cops, Armando Corral, Leonardo Ortiz, and Michael Ayala, opened fire on him, wounding him fatally.


Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck wrote in a report of the incident last December, “I find that the tactics utilized by (the officers) substantially and unjustifiably deviated from approved department tactical training, thus requiring a finding of administrative disapproval.”

Following the incident, numerous media outlets claimed that the victim’s family had obtained a $5 million settlement from the city over the shooting.

The whole incident was made that much worse for Bill Beaird, the victim’s father, as he saw his son being shot on live television, “I’ve seen a lot, but nothing affected me like this, I just can’t seem to get over that,” he said.

While the pain of losing a son is still a very real reality for Bill Beaird, the fact that the three officers who shot him to death aren’t to face any further action will most likely make that pain even harder to bear.