NASA’s Rover Photographed Ancient Book On Mars: Weighty Tome Evidence of Ancient Civilization?

YouTube Mars anomaly researchers Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club (MMSPZC) have made a startling find on the planet Mars. The researchers announced this week that they have discovered an ancient book — a thick tome — in an old photo from NASA’s rover Spirit, also known as Mars Exploration Rover (MER-B).

The robotic rover Spirit, was active on Mars from 2004 to 2010. It landed on Mars three weeks before Opportunity rover (MER-B) on January 4, 2004. Spirit snapped the photo of the object Mars anomaly researchers describe as “the book of Mars” before its last communication with Earth on March 22, 2010.

Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, describes the “book” as having “a bent spine and uneven pages,” suggesting that it is a very ancient tome. Waring notes that the book was probably made by ancient Mars civilization publishers out of some form of metal, possibly to ensure an heirloom that lasts several generations.

Mars Tome Found In A Close-Up Of This NASA Rover Photo

But some viewers commenting on YouTube think it was made out of stone, like Moses’ stone tablets on which he inscribed the Ten Commandments.

One can only wonder what arcane secrets of the Martian ages anomaly hunters imagine are concealed within the pages of this rare find. Could the book be an ancient book of apothecary secrets, arcane Mars metaphysical lore and Masonic symbols? Or could it be Mars civilization’s equivalent of Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica?

Waring believes there are indications the book could be some type of Mars Bible. He notes that the book appears to have “indentions” of a cross on it.

Book Of Mars

“It’s cover looks like it had deep indentions of a cross on it. It reminds me of my grandmother’s old family bible that was hundreds of years old. Also, such books have been made out of other materials other than paper. Mormons have a bible made of silver. Jewish tiny bibles have been found made of copper. Aliens probably have metals that print like paper and last thousands or millions of years without corrosion or wear. There does seem to be some dust covering it, but looks no worse for the time is spent on the surface.”

Mars Book
"The Book Of Mars"

Social scientists who study exotic religions and metaphysical philosophies would be intrigued to learn about the religious and metaphysical beliefs of ancient mars cultures.

Among finds by online Mars researchers claimed as evidence of ancient Mars civilization, this certainly takes the cake. Could we ever find better evidence of ancient Mars culture than a weighty tome?

Indeed, this is the first time that anyone has found a book on the planet Mars. Probably the closest to a weighty stone tome ever found on Mars by anomaly hunters appears to be a petroglyph or rock engraving discovered in 2014.

Petroglyphs Or Rock Engravings On Mars

UFO Sightings Hotspot reported on October 17 last year that the anomaly hunters UFOvni2012 discovered ancient petroglyphs or engravings on Mars rock surfaces.

“The petroglyphs engraved in the rock on Mars looks like as human figures and it is interesting that the same symbols are found in different parts of the planet earth created in timelines where the people could not have possibly interacted with each other.”

[Images: Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club via UFO Sightings Daily; YouTube]