‘Pump Rules’ Cast Gangs Up On Jax Taylor On Twitter, He Responds

The Pump Rules cast put Jax Taylor on blast during the February 23 episode of the Bravo reality show.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor sat down for dinner with his co-stars, including Scheana Marie, Mike Shay, Kristen Doute, and Rachel O’Brien, when things took an odd turn.

During the chat, after being confronted with claims of Tom Sandoval’s cheating, Taylor alleged that his close friend did, in fact, have sex with “Miami girl” Annemarie Kunkel.

In a clip from the show, shared by Carter Matt on February 23, Taylor was heard saying, “Ok, this is what happened… So, that girl, was with Tom in the room having sex. She slept with him. She had sex with him. Do I think it happened? 100 percent.”

As the episode aired, the Pump Rules cast reacted to his shady ways on Twitter.

“Every time @mrjaxtaylor makes up a new story, my eyes roll so far I can see my brain,” Ariana Madix tweeted.

A short time later, Kristen Doute wrote, “Hey @mrjaxtaylor why don’t you keep lying lying lying – right @CarmenDickman @rachaelnobrien? He literally made up that story.”

In response to Doute’s tweet, Rachel O’Brien, who dated Taylor years ago, spoke out, denying Taylor’s story.

“[Kristen Doute] didn’t fight w a stripper & I wasn’t knocked out. Completely made up story by Jax. If only my life were that eventful.”

While Taylor didn’t speak directly to the Pump Rules cast, he did react to the backlash he received during the episode.

“Don’t be so hard on everyone, remember you are not seeing the whole story just parts…remember that reason for everything we do. I love everyone on the show we all have our ups and downs like the whole world, our Issues are just on TV….so chill a bit And just enjoy.”

As for Taylor’s target, Tom Sandoval, he shared a message with fans, as well.

In his tweet, he wrote, “Really Jax? Giddy up partner, bc ur the 1 who took us this odyssey!”

For the last few months, as Season 3 has played out, Taylor has been accused of being a bad friend because of his habit of either spreading rumors or being a bit too truthful. According to Taylor, he’s only being honest and revealing what his friends have done, but if he was a true friend, would he be saying so much?

Making matters worse is the fact that his friends, including Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, claim they haven’t done what Taylor has accused them of, which makes him an even worse friend if he’s really lying like they say.

For more of the Pump Rules cast, tune into new episodes of the show on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]