Zynga Releasing Bingo For Facebook

Zynga, the massively popular social game developer, has been working on an online version of Bingo which will be available exclusively to Facebook users. What’s quite funny about it all is that the senior demographic continues to grow is a rather large segment of users.

Of course, this game is for everyone and will be a mass participation game meaning that you can play with friends or even people all across the social network. The company has been pumping out several new games ever since their IPO back in December.

Bingo is said to have a great design and players, like with most social games from the company, can earn coins, keys, and cards to move up levels and unlock different rooms. Currently, there’s three different rooms, but more are said to be added soon.

Via Mashable:

“Game-maker Zynga is launching a new way to connect and play with your friends on Facebook, with a mass participation Bingo game. The game is being release on Thursday in beta to a small group and gradually rolled out to millions on Facebook in the next few weeks.”

“To keep things moving, you can play up to six Bingo cards at one time. There’s no limit to how many people you can play against. Friends can offer you some help even when they’re not signed in, by giving you tiles on the “friends boost meter,” and their Facebook profile picture will substitute as a Bingo chip on your board — getting you one step closer to shouting, “Bingo!”

Would you play Bingo from Zynga?