February 23, 2015
Chris Harrison: Britt Nilsson Star Of 'Bachelor: Women Tell All,' Confronted Carly Waddell

The upcoming The Bachelor: Women Tell All will be a very dramatic one, thanks to Britt Nilsson and Carly Waddell. In an interview with TV Guide, host Chris Harrison revealed that during the filming of the special, which took place this past Saturday, Britt confronted Carly about ruining her chances with Chris Soules.

Harrison also said that he thinks that Britt really was, and perhaps still is, in love with Chris S.

"Britt was the star of the show [Women Tell All] and is still, I think, in love with the guy. It was brutal. She leaned in on Carly [because she] felt if things had been different, if the girls hadn't sabotaged her, she and Chris would've ended up together. But it was the craziest 'Tell All.'"
While Chris Harrison thinks that Britt really was in love with Soules, the farmer himself thinks otherwise. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris Soules, in his blog post right after sending Britt home, called Britt out for not being genuine.
"I also started feeling like Britt's over-the-topness wasn't fully sincere. It started to feel like she was putting on a performance. And the girls' comments supported that. It was too bad because we did have such a strong connection right off the bat. But truthfully, now I question all of that. Early on I thought she, and our connection, was too good to be true. Turns out it was...It was as if this whole time she was putting on a show, and she finally got caught..."
After last week's episode, Carly Waddell addressed the criticism that she received from The Bachelor viewers over her treatment of Britt Nilsson with a sassy tweet that made clear that she's not bothered.

So did Carly keep her cool when confronted by Britt over her mean comments about her? Did Britt get some closure? On the day that she filmed the Women Tell All special, Britt posted a message about rising in love.

Even after The Bachelor ends, viewers may be seeing more of Carly Waddell or Britt Nilsson. Both women are rumored to be in the running to be the next star of The Bachelorette. In a previous interview with TV Guide, Chris Harrison has talked about both women being the next Bachelorette.

"We definitely want to wait until 'Women Tell All' and the finale [to make a decision], but Britt would give us a good Bachelorette. She's beautiful, she's articulate; it would be very emotional and the guys would be very happy. She's definitely a candidate for sure....The thing I love about Carly, but I see why she ends up as the best friend, is she's funny and deprecating. Carly got a little mean at Britt towards the end, but I get it, she's bitter towards the pretty girl and she admitted it. It's heartbreaking when you hear her, but a lot of women will empathize with it, which makes her relatable. She's so frickin' funny."
[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]