'Pump Rules' Sneak Peek: Stassi Schroeder Dodges Ex-Boyfriend Jax Taylor [Video]

In the latest Pump Rules sneak peek, Stassi Schroeder is seen running out of a party in an effort to avoid a run-in with her ex-boyfriend and co-star, Jax Taylor. Throughout the third season of the show, Schroeder, who dated Taylor on and off during Season 1 and 2, has managed to avoid Taylor, but next week, the two come face-to-face.

At the beginning of the Pump Rules sneak peek, which was shared by Bravo on February 23, Schroeder is at SUR Lounge, chatting with Vanderpump about her relationships with her co-stars. When Vanderpump asks Schroeder if she's talked to any of them, she reveals the only person she's made an effort to mend fences with is her former best friend, Katie Maloney.

"I went over to Katie just to be like, 'Why does it have to be like this?' and it didn't go that well. I wanted it to, and it didn't. Sad."

At that point, Taylor walks in the door, and Vanderpump fills Schroeder in.

"Well, then it is my time to leave."

When Vanderpump cuts in, suggesting Schroeder not run from Taylor, and their former relationship issues, Schroeder insists that she does not want to speak with -- or about -- her ex.

"I'm not going to sit here and talk about f--king Jax. I'm not talking about Jax."

"Calm down. You're being ridiculous," Vanderpump responds. "You're not the girl that runs away and hides in the corner. You're a strong woman, Stassi. Stassi, stop walking away."

"Lisa, stop," Schroeder than says, as she turns to leave.

"This is absurd. What is she running from," Vanderpump asks in the confessional segment of the Pump Rules sneak peek. "I've learned that if you face your problems, that's the only way to make them go away."

In her own confessional, Schroeder explained that she has no interest in speaking to any of her "evil" co-stars ever again. She also tells friend Kristina Kelly she should have never gone to the restaurant.

For the last several weeks, as the Inquisitr reported, Schroeder has continuously hinted at her possible exit from Vanderpump Rules after the third season ends. While she hasn't officially parted ways, she's certainly done her best to make it clear she does not want to associate with her co-stars and would rather focus on her fashion endeavors, which include a line of jewelry.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Schroeder blamed Bravo for making her appear to be a mean girl, and said she didn't want to do reality TV again.

To watch the full Pump Rules sneak peek, check out the video below.

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