San Antonio Teen Faces Capital Murder Charges After Drowning Pregnant Girlfriend Then Setting Her Body On Fire

A San Antonio teen faces capital murder charges after the body of his pregnant girlfriend was discovered in a field engulfed in flames, according to the New York Daily News.

Bexar county police officials say fire fighters discovered the body of 18-year-old Dawanna Thomas of San Antonio — who was four months pregnant — in a field near FM 1346 on Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14.

Her boyfriend, 19-year-old Courtney Velasquez of San Antonio, was arrested shortly after her body was discovered. Velasquez openly admitted to drowning his girlfriend just days after discovering she was four months pregnant with their baby girl, reports Fox San Antonio.

Apparently, he drowned her in a rural creek in San Antonio, killing both his girlfriend and their unborn child. He then striped her of her clothing, placed her in a bag, and took her to an open field, where he attempted to destroy her remains.

According to one of Velasquez’s family members, he confessed to killing his girlfriend shortly after the crime. Velasquez’s clothes were still wet when he confessed.

“I can’t believe I did it. I drowned her at the creek,” Velasquez said.

Rosanne Hughes with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office stated, “So he stripped her, put her in a bag, he put a log over the bag in the middle of a creek, and then moved the body, he moved it to another location.”

Thomas’ grieving mother, Tear Bedford, spoke with reporters at Fox29 and stated that after discovering she was pregnant, Velasquez suggested an abortion.

“He didn’t want nothing to do with the baby he kept calling me saying he wanted to get an abortion, I said we don’t believe in abortion I said my baby is going to have the baby.”

She went on to say how violent he was with her daughter.

“He’s always been violent, take her money, take her phone, break her phones, every month break her phone. To even kill her for the second time, you killed her for the first time, then you killed her the second time by burning her body. To me, that ain’t love, that’s the devil.”

Bedford claims that before the death of her daughter and unborn granddaughter, she warned her that she was going in the wrong direction.

“This dude is gonna kill you, and that’s just what he did,” Bedford added.

She also stated that if she comes face-to-face with her daughter and granddaughter’s killer, she’d simply want to know why.

“I still want to see justice even though he’s locked up. To me, that’s not justice served. I’m seeking the death penalty for whoever had hands in it,” Bedford said.

Velasquez is currently facing capital murder charges for the death of his girlfriend and unborn child.

[Image via NY Daily News]