There’s A Batman Hotel Room And It’s Bruce Wayne Glorious And It’s Just $50 To Stay In It

In Taiwan, there is a hotel (or actually, a motel) that has a Batman suite. Yes, there is actually a Batman hotel room in the Eden Motel and it’s just $50 to stay in it. Mind you, it’s $50 for only three hours, but you still get to stay in a room that is decked out from Wayne Manor to the Batcave and everything in between.

There’s even a sitting area inside half of a Batmobile Tumbler.

batman hotel room

According to PSFK, the Eden Motel actually opened back in late 2012, and the Batman Suite is just one of their “Fashion Style” rooms. There is an “Alcatraz Room” or a “Jazz Style” or a “New York, New York” room or a love suite with hearts all over the place.

When looking at the options though, why would you want to stay anywhere else except for the Batman hotel room? There is a Bat-Signal at the bottom of the shower. You want to pass that up?

batman hotel room

Your own personal piece of Gotham City can be yours complete with a furry headboard in the shape of the Batman logo. There are two TVs that are decked in the Batman logo as well and movie posters all over the place.

batman hotel room

As you can see, there is a little bit of all the modern cinematic Batman themes thrown in together. The symbol is that of the Michael Keaton-played Batman, while there are also elements of Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Reading through the translation on Eden Motel website, you can also see things such as the bathtub complete with rose petals, a Gotham city scene on the wall, and gargoyles strewn about the room.

batman hotel room

It may seem strange to some, but there are countless people out there who would love to live like the playboy Bruce Wayne at some point in their life. Adding on that they can also live like the Caped Crusader for a while is a huge plus as well.

A full-night is a bit more expensive, but at least the option is there for couples to enjoy a few hours in the Batman hotel room. That time could be used for a little comic book romance or even just to enjoy the luxury of being a superhero.

If you have the cash, have the time, and happen to be over in Taiwan, you may want to spend a few hours in the Batman hotel room. It’s one of the coolest things ever created and well worth the $50.

[Images via Eden-Motel]