‘The Slap’ NBC TV Show Gains Buzz As Fans Watch The Drama Online [Video]

There’s something intriguing about NBC’s new drama called The Slap, a show that is proving its popularity by the massive amounts of Facebook likes and comments on The Slap full episodes on Hulu. With a voice-over narrating The Slap that’s worthy of any Shakespearean drama, the NBC show has, at its center, a shocking slap of a child that sets the wheels in motion for the makings of a courtroom drama and more.

The Slap is based on a book of the same name, written by Christos Tsiolkas, and was later turned into an engrossing Australian TV series, which has now has become an American TV series. The Slap stars an almost-unrecognizable Uma Thurman. As reported by the Inquisitr, Uma replaced Mary-Louise Parker for the United States version of The Slap, in a role as a 41-year-old soap opera writer. The pilot episode of The Slap, fittingly called “Hector,” shows a wearied husband and father named Hector turning 40 and lusting after a babysitter named Connie who also works with his wife, played by Thandie Newton.

According to the IMDB season 1 list of episodes, each character appears to get their own aptly named episode, such as Hector, Harry, Anouk, Connie, Rosie, Manolis, Aisha and Richie. The rhythm of The Slap and intriguing writing and plot lines fill the gaps left by family shows like Parenthood, or equally engrossing series like The Affair on Showtime, which won’t resume its second season for months. Already folks are buzzing about NBC’s The Slap — as reported by the New York Observer‎ — as non-sensical as they may seem.

However, for those reviewers who’ve watched binge marathons of the original version of The Slap call that version engrossing as well, as reported by the St. Cloud Times‎. According to that binge watcher, the U.S. version of The Slap closely follows the Australian version, with mounting tension that’s been brought about via a simple slap. But it’s not really the slap itself that’s all encompassing and important. It’s the fallout from the slap that brings to the surface the tension among the adults already brewing, with jealousies over riches and anger brimming over the edge of central personalities that reveal topics like spousal and child abuse, along with other fascinating topics.

Especially with the hotbed issue of disciplining spoiled children at the heart of NBC’s The Slap it’s no wonder that KVOA Tucson calls the NBC series controversial.

[Image via The Slap from NBC]