February 23, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Better Than Apple iPhone 6, Say Carriers Who Have Seen Early Prototypes

It is a known fact that Samsung is readying its new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6, for launch in the next few months. In fact, we already have some images that were purposefully leaked by folks from over at T-Mobile and AT&T as part of a campaign that teases the imminent arrival of the Galaxy S6.

The Verge reported about T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeting out the fact that they would be offering the Galaxy S6 in "Spring 2015." The tweet had a link to an image that shows a side profile of Samsung's latest and greatest flagship. AT&T too joined the party and posted a similar image of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Verizon and Sprint have in the meantime chosen to remain silent.

While there is no word on the exact specifications the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is safe to assume that it would be the spec king at the time of its launch. From the teaser image tweeted by the carriers, it seems to have a curved display like the one seen on the Galaxy Note Edge -- only this time, the display is curved on both the sides as opposed to the Note Edge's asymmetric curve. It is unclear at this stage if Samsung would release different versions of the Galaxy S6 in different markets. The company is known to use its own Exynos chipsets in certain global editions of the Galaxy series of devices, as opposed to the Qualcomm powered devices they primarily sell in Europe and North America.

Meanwhile, several carriers have claimed that the new Galaxy S6 compares well with Apple's iPhone 6, and that it is actually better than Apple's newest iPhone model. According to this BGR report, top executives of various carriers, including T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, and SK Telecom, were shown early prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and almost all of them came out impressed with it. The report adds that they were satisfied with the fact that the design of the Galaxy S6 is significantly different from that of older Galaxy S class of devices.

A report by South Korean newspaper the Korea Herald quotes some executives claiming that the Galaxy S6 is by far the best of the best among all Samsung-made phones till date.

"They said the Edge was better than Apple's iPhone 6 in terms of design," an executive reportedly said.

All said, only time will tell if the Samsung Galaxy S6 does turn out to be a device that will blow the Apple iPhone 6 away. Looking at the early design cues, what according to you is the better phone?

[Image Via T-Mobile]