Android Apps Being Featured Significantly Boosts Rank Shows Report

Android, the very popular mobile operating system from Google, has hundreds of thousands of apps across all sorts of different categories. The best thing to happen for a developer is actually a few things.

For one, people enjoy the app and leave it great reviews. Two, it makes them money which is clearly important when trying to make a living out of it. And three, getting featured in the marketplace.

Thanks to Distimo, a private company that delivers insights and analytics to app developers, their new report shows that being featured significantly boosts rank both when being featured, and even after one is no longer featured.

Via TechCrunch:

“The chart shows that approximately half the apps that have been featured in the Android Market have an increase over 100% while one-third of featured iPad apps gained more than 200%. (Ranks were as follows: iPad up 252%, iPhone up 137%, and Android up 172%).”

“Also interesting is what happens when the featured period ends. Using an average from the following five days after being featured, Distimo found that the boost was still having an overall positive effect. On average, iPad apps were up +145%, iPhone apps were up +75% and Android apps were up +828% during this “post-featured” time period.”

Very promising stats for developers and a definite encouragement to think outside the box and create better, higher quality, and more valuable applications for either of the top two mobile operating systems. The report also goes to show that those who get featured don’t immediately see the affects in the first three days, but rank goes up after that.

What are your favorite Android apps?