February 23, 2015
‘Minecraft’ Update Allows Users To Track New Gameplay Statistics

PC gamers received a pair of new Minecraft title updates to download last week. With Minecraft's 1.8.2 update, a number of gamplay changes were introduced to the popular sandbox creation title. A PC Gamer report revealed a few of the bigger difference that were applied to Minecraft in 1.8.2, including changes in how mobs react to players in spectator mode.

Since the entire point of being a spectator is to watch without interacting, the Minecraft patch will now make in-game mobs no longer react to users in spectator mode. Other changes from the new Minecraft patch affect how beacons react to bedrock, TNT physics, and spawn locations for animals such as ocelots and squids.

Update 1.8.2 for Minecraft also gives fans the ability to track several new statistics so that players will know how many times they have performed certain actions in the game. After applying the patch, Minecraft users will be able to know exactly how many times they have performed enchantments, open chests, or consumed cake. The following actions are all now trackable while playing Minecraft.

  • Cake Slices Eaten
  • Chests Opened
  • Interactions with Crafting Table
  • Interactions with Furnace
  • Items Enchanted
  • Ender Chests Opened
  • Trapped Chests Triggered
  • Records Played
  • Noteblocks played
  • Noteblocks tuned
  • Cauldrons Filled
  • Water Taken from Cauldron
  • Plants potted
  • Armor Pieces Cleaned
  • Banners Cleaned
  • Interactions with Beacon
  • Interactions with Brewing Stand
  • Droppers Searched
  • Hoppers Searched
  • Dispensers Searched

One day after the release of Minecraft's 1.8.2 update, Mojang launched yet another patch for the voxel-based game. The studio announced last week's second update from the developer's official website. Minecraft 1.8.3 was released to address known bugs found within the game.

The team recommended that all Minecraft players update their game to bring their download current with 1.8.3 to have access to all fixes and improvements that are currently available in the game. Mojang's Michael Stoyke, better known to many by his online handle Searge, confirmed on Twitter that update 1.8.3 for Minecraft specifically fixes a crash that was introduced in 1.8.2 before it.

"Minecraft 1.8.3 is now available. It fixes a serious bug in 1.8.2 that could cause crashes on world load."

The recent bug fix updates for Minecraft are helping prepare the game for the upcoming release of version 1.9 for the game's original PC edition. As reported last month by the Inquisitr, this next update will actually bring PC users mechanics that were first introduced in the console versions of Minecraft. Specifically, Minecraft's 1.9 update will add improved Ender Dragon behavioral A.I. that was originally developed on Xbox and Playstation.

Updates 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 are now available to download for Minecraft.

[Images via Mojang]